These are the most popular foods for the summer solstice

Madeline Buiano

The summer solstice is almost here, that's when the path of the sun is farthest north from the Northern Hemisphere, which typically occurs on June 20 or 21. According to Grubhub, the event may dictate what food you crave. The food delivery service predicts that these will be the most popular food orders and food searches during the 2020 summer solstice.

Food From Around the World That You Can Make at Home

Most Popular Summer Solstice Food Orders

To come up with its predictions for the most popular summer solstice food orders, Grubhub compared the foods that rose the most in popularity during the 2019 summer solstice to other fridays in June.

Plant-based slider

If you can plan your vacation around the stars, you can certainly arrange your eating habits around them too. And, during the 2020 summer solstice, Grubhub predicts that plant-based sliders will be on the brain. In 2019, food orders for plant-based sliders were 155% more popular. And, if you need some ideas on where to order from, here is a list of the best vegan restaurants in every state.

Bacon, egg, cheese biscuit

The most iconic breakfast foods in America seem to remain popular during the summer solstice. You may find yourself craving a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit this year — in 2019 the food order was 149% more popular.

Plant-based patty melt

More plant-based foods are on the docket for summer solstice 2020. Grubhub predicts that another popular food order will be plant-based patty melts, which were 125% more popular during the 2019 summer solstice.


It's no surprise that pancakes were 127% more popular during summer solstice 2019 — they're already delicious. If you choose to make your summer solstice dish at home, try incorporating these unexpected ingredients that go great with pancakes.

Vegetable cream cheese sandwich

This summer solstice, you may find yourself craving a vegetable cream cheese sandwich, which was 106% more popular during the 2019 summer solistice. The dish, which can be made with a variety of vegetables and cream cheese, is also an easy and cheap vegetarian recipe to make at home if you don't want to order out.

Most Popular Summer Solstice Searches

To come up with its predictions for the most popular summer solstice searches, Grubhub compared the search terms that rose the most in popularity during the 2019 summer solstice to other fridays in June.


During the 2020 summer solstice, Grubhub predicts that cheeseburgers will be a popular search trend. Which isn't surprising as burgers a common food to grill during summer. And, if you need some recipe ideas, take inspiration from some of the best burger joints in America.

Italian beef

In addition to burgers, Grubhub thinks that Italian beef will be a desired meat during the 2020 summer solstice. The sandwich, which typically features beef and peppers, is a great simple weeknight dinner dish to make at home.

Grilled chicken sandwich

Grilled or fried, there's no denying that a chicken sandwich is one of those can't beat meals. And during the summer solstice, it's a food you might crave. If you're looking for a top notch place to order the dish, check out some these hot spots that serve the best chicken sandwiches in America.

Fish tacos

It's no shock that fish tacos are being pegged by Grubhub as a popular summer solstice dish — they're packed with light and citrusy flavors, perfect for a warm day. But, if fish isn't really your style, try out some of these incredible Mexican dishes you can make at home.

Grilled chicken caesar wrap

Lastly, Grubhub predicts that grilled chicken caesar wraps will be an ideal meal to have during the summer solstice. Packed with flavor and room to get creative, grilled chicken wraps are far from boring. And while Grubhub has already given us a clear idea of what people will be searching for during the summer solstice, you'll be shocked to learn what the most searched cooking tips by state are right now.

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