Get the most out of your makeup routine with these sustainable beauty swaps

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When it comes to beauty and personal care products, one thing that isn’t so pretty is how much waste they create. From tubes, to sprays and bottles, the plastic packaging of beauty products can really add up. In fact, 70% of the cosmetic industry’s waste comes from packaging, informs Green Living host, Lauren Singer (@trashisfortossers). Luckily, more and more beauty brands are offering plastic alternatives and sustainable options for their products, and Singer is here to share some of her favorites along with her tips for keeping your beauty routine clean.

Purchase Package and Plastic-Free Products

One package and plastic-free beauty option is the Axiology Balmie Trio. “It’s like a Swiss Army knife for makeup products,” explains Singer. “It’s everything from lipstick to cheek stain, highlighter and eye makeup all in one.”

They might look small, but the Balmies are actually the size of a regular lipstick—just without the plastic tube. Other than the packaging, they work just like any other makeup. Just apply them to your skin!

Use Up What You Have and Recycle Packaging

If your favorite beauty product doesn’t come in sustainable packaging, Singer doesn’t recommend throwing it out to immediately replace it with something new. Instead, she advises to use up what you have left and then source a recycling partner that takes the hard-to-recycle packaging. Singer recommends TerraCycle, a recycling company “whose mission is to recycle everything,” explains the host. “They take all of the packaging that our cities won’t recycle that’s hard to recycle, and they divert it from landfills.”

Use A Sustainable Makeup Removal Method

Sustainability is just as important in taking makeup off as it is when putting it on. For an environmentally-friendly makeup removal method, Singer recommends natural products like olive oil or jojoba oil, which “work incredibly well to remove makeup without all of the single-use wipe waste and toxic ingredients,” she explains. “Chemical ingredients such as parabens, plasticizers, formaldehyde, pesticides, or even coal tar are present in many of the cosmetic and beauty products that we use today, so switching to a more sustainable alternative or DIY method means saving money and also controlling exactly what goes in and on our bodies.” Plus, it saves a ton of unnecessary packaging waste from entering landfills for an eco-friendly win-win!

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