Sour Candy Is Very Overrated, And 20 Other “Divisive" Food Opinions I Belive With My Entire Being

Hey everyone, I'm Hannah! I'm a certified snacker who loves sinking my teeth into all sorts of exciting bites! Maybe you've read about my budget-friendly food crawl around New York City, my favorite drunk snacks from college (that I made my parents try!), or my adventures sampling new menu releases for big national chains, like Popeyes and Panera.

Woman at an event posing; Woman in a floral dress eating from a Chinese takeout box with chopsticks
Hannah Dobrogosz / BuzzFeed

Needless to say, I have a lot of strong opinions about food! Some of those opinions are perfectly mainstream and widely shared, but some, I've been told, are more "controversial." I decided to list some of my hot takes and provide context as to why my feelings are so strong. If you hate me by the end of this, I'm so sorry! Let's get into it:

1.Sweet potato fries are trash 99% of the time.

Basket of sweet potato fries on a wooden table, used for an article related to food

2.Cool Ranch Doritos are the worst Dorito flavor.

Shelves stocked with various flavors of Doritos chip bags in a store

3.Circus Peanuts are a delicious candy. I don't care what anyone says.

Hand holding a bowl with orange, oval-shaped crackers imprinted with "CIRCUS"

4.And while we're on the subject of banana-flavored candy, banana Runts are the BEST Runts.

Close-up of canned macaroni pasta without any distinguishing features or packaging

See above for all my banana-flavored feelings. It's a weird hill to die on, yet here I am. Why did we as a society ever become enamored by artificial cherry-flavored things? Banana was right there!! Banana has always been and will always be THAT girl.

Aneese / Getty Images/iStockphoto

5.Dipping french fries in mayo is awesome (I will dip my fries in anything, actually).

A portion of french fries in a container topped with a dollop of mayonnaise

6.TUMS are tastier than most hard candies.

Bottle of TUMS Antacid with 'Assorted Berries' flavor lying on a floral background

7.Creamy foods like potato salad, chicken salad, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, etc. are HEAVEN-SENT.

A close-up of a bowl of potato salad sprinkled with paprika, set on a countertop

8.Runny eggs (fried, poached, over easy) are the best eggs.

Poached egg with a runny yolk sitting atop a slice of toasted bread

9.Pickles are hands down one of the best foods ever invented.

Pickles in jars on a wooden serving board

10.Shredded iceberg lettuce is confusingly delicious and adds so much to a sandwich.

Head of iceberg lettuce cut in half on a board, with shredded pieces and a knife

11.Heath Bars are the best chocolate bars.

HEATH Milk Chocolate English Toffee Bar wrapper with logo and calorie information

12.Tea > Coffee

Hand holding a plastic cup of green smoothie with a clear straw

13.I'd rather have a greasy, fast-food smash burger than some fancy, high-quality, bistro burger.

Close-up of a cheeseburger with pickles and fries on a checkered paper

14.Extra Toasty Cheez-Its are heinous. Regular Cheez-Its are divine.

A bowl of square cheese crackers on a striped cloth

15.There's a time and a place for processed cheese.

Three slices of processed cheese in plastic wrappers on a countertop

16.All bottled salad dressings kind of suck.

Three bottles of Annie's Organic salad dressing on a shelf

17.Sour candy is deeply overrated.

Assorted sugary gummy candies in a pile, close-up

18.I would choose cookies over cake any day of the week.

A person's hand holding a chocolate chip cookie in front of a Levain Bakery bag

19.If you don't like broccoli or Brussels sprouts, it's just because you don't know how to prepare them. They're delicious.

Roasted Brussels sprouts on a baking sheet, some with charred leaves, indicating crispiness

20.Tofu is amazing!

Two pieces of tofu topped with green onions on a plate with sauce

21.And, if you can eat breakfast for dinner, you can eat dinner for breakfast. Food doesn't need a specific time of the day to be acceptable. Eat what you want when you want.

Fried chicken biscuit sandwich with pickles and sauce on a floral plate

Well, there ya have it. Obviously, my opinions are not the word of god. Agree or disagree at your own leisure, but I'm firm in my beliefs! And now that I've told you my "controversial" food takes, I'm dying to hear yours! Please fill the comments with all your food-related opinions!