More Dog Owners Looking for Vet Advice on Cannabis

portrait of a dog that sniffs cannabis leaves, causing concern and increased questions for vets
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A recent survey by JustAnswer showed the number of questions for their expert veterinarians has increased over the past few years. Since 2019, the platform noted a rise in pet parents looking for vet advice using keywords “cannabis,” “marijuana,” “CBD gummies,” and “edibles.” Moreover, JustAnswer’s veterinarians have answered more than 12,000 questions concerning pets and marijuana since 2019.

Survey reports alarming spike in people seeking vet advice related to cannabis

It is important to note that cannabis is highly toxic for pets, and one should keep it away from their furry friends. With the legalization of marijuana and increased acceptance of weed edibles, experts have seen an increase in cases of dogs accidentally ingesting THC gummies and other edibles. There have also been instances of pups consuming their human’s discarded joints.

Whether it be for medicinal or recreational purposes, pet parents must be cautious with their marijuana. To avoid a scary trip to the vet, owners need to ensure their dogs can’t get to their cannabis-infused edibles. Smoking a joint around your pups is also dangerous, so one should partake in it away from their pets.

Moreover, even when out and about, dogs could come across a discarded joint or edible while grazing. To avoid this, walking your dog on a leash and preventing them from grazing is recommended. Michael Salkin, DVM, JustAnswer veterinarian, stated that pet owners tend to ask them for advice on THC and CBD poisoning almost daily.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional high, doing so responsibly is essential when you are a pet parent. Marijuana is toxic for dogspotentially even deadlyand could result in a trip to the emergency vet. So, enjoy your blunt, baked goods, and edibles, but do so away from your furry companions, making sure your cannabis-infused products are nowhere near your pet’s reach at all times.

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