More Like *Dad* Hard! All About Bruce Willis’s Daughters

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Bruce Willis’s children have one fierce papa! The Die Hard actor has been in the news recently due to an unfortunate diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia (FTD), but he's also made headlines via heartwarming glimpses into his close-knit family, which includes his many daughters.

Here's everything you need to know about Bruce Willis’s children.

How many children does Bruce Willis have?

Bruce Willis is the proud parent of five children. He may be known as one of the most iconic action heroes in history, but Willis is a total girl dad as the father of five daughters. For someone with such masculine energy onscreen, it’s surprising to find out he’s surrounded by so many women!

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Who are Bruce Willis's children?

Bruce Willis has been having children for a few decades now! His five daughters range in age from 34 to 9, and you'll probably recognize some of them:

Rumer Glenn Willis (34)

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Rumer Willis, Bruce Willis’s oldest child, was born on Aug. 16, 1988. Her mother is Willis’s former wife, actress Demi Moore. Rumer was born in Paducah, Kentucky, where her father was filming In Country at the time. She spent the majority of her childhood in Hailey, Idaho, as her parents wanted to raise her outside of Hollywood.

Even so, Rumer has been acting since she was 5, when she made her onscreen debut in the classic coming-of-age film Now and Then. She followed that up with an appearance alongside her mother in Striptease, in which she played Moore’s onscreen daughter in the oft-mocked movie. She continues to act to this day, most recently in 2023’s Hidden Exposure.

But her latest role is mom. The eldest Willis daughter gave birth to Louetta Isley Thomas Willis in April.

Scout LaRue Willis (31)

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Scout Willis was born on July 20, 1991, the second child of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Scout has acted alongside both of her parents, with Moore in 1995’s The Scarlet Letter and Bruce in 1999’s Breakfast of Champions.

Scout has since transitioned into music. She released her debut EP, as part of the duo Gus + Scout, in 2012, and dropped her self-titled debut album in June 2022.

Tallulah Belle Willis (29)

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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s youngest child together, Tallulah Willis, was born on Feb. 3, 1994. Like her sisters, she has acted alongside her parents, making her screen debut as a baby in Moore’s 1995 film adaptation of The Scarlet Letter. Her last role was with her father in 2004’s The Whole Ten Yards.

Tallulah has since pivoted to the fashion industry, launching her own clothing brand, Wyllis, in 2020, and she'll next appear as a celebrity contestant in FOX's reality competition Stars on Mars.

Mabel Ray Willis (11)

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Mabel Ray Willis, Bruce Willis’s first daughter with his current wife, model Emma Heming Willis, and fourth child overall, was born on April 1, 2012. Although she was born in L.A., she was mostly raised an hour outside of New York City in Bedford Hills, NY. Mabel is still in elementary school and hasn’t acted alongside her famous father.

She has indicated that she has dreams of becoming one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank when she grows up, according to a video her mother posted on Instagram in honor of the child's 10th birthday. However, the 11-year-old may change her mind in time, as kids do!

Evelyn Penn Willis (9)

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Bruce Willis’s youngest child, Evelyn Penn Willis, was born on May 5, 2014. While Evelyn is still an elementary school student, her mother has indicated that she has an incredibly huge heart; as she shared on her Instagram page, the youngest child in the Willis brood took it upon herself to search “fun facts about dementia" and warned her mother that people with dementia can get easily dehydrated.

The story earned the attention of her older sister Scout, who commented on the video, "Omg Evelyn!!!!!!! 🥹😭🫠that story made me a puddle of tenderness !"

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Who are the mothers of Bruce Willis's kids?

The mothers of Bruce Willis’s children are Demi Moore and Emma Heming Willis. Willis was married to Moore for around 13 years, from 1987 until 2000; and he's been married to Heming Willis since 2009 (they just celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary).

At the time that Willis was married to Moore, they were two of the biggest names in show business (Moore was once the highest paid actress in Hollywood). While reigning as one of the industry's hottest power couples, they had three daughters: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.

Emma Heming Willis, who has worked as a model and appeared in Perfect Stranger, which starred her future husband, met the Unbreakable actor in 2007 at the gym. She is the mother of Willis’s two youngest daughters, Mabel and Evelyn.

Willis opened up after the birth of his youngest child, Evelyn, with current wife Emma Heming Willis, about his feelings about being surrounded by women. “[We] didn't know what we were gonna have until the baby came out. In general, I think women should be in charge of everything. Women are just much smarter than men.”

How many children do Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have?

Bruce Willis has three children with his former wife Demi Moore. They are his oldest kids: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.

Despite divorcing in 2000, Willis and Moore have remained close. In March 2023, Moore tweeted out a video of their blended family celebrating Willis’s 68th birthday together with the caption, “Happy birthday, BW! So glad we could celebrate you today. Love you and love our family. Thank you to everyone for the love and warm wishes—we all feel them.”

Is Bruce Willis a grandfather?

Bruce Willis is indeed a grandfather! The actor became a grandfather for the first time this year with the arrival of granddaughter Louetta Isley Thomas Willis, the daughter of his oldest child Rumer Willis and her partner, Derek Richard Thomas. The littlest Willis was born on April 18, 2023.

Rumer announced her daughter’s arrival on Instagram with a cute picture and the caption, “✨ Louetta Isley Thomas Willis ✨

You are pure magic🌱Born at home on Tuesday April 18th You are more than we ever dreamed of ✨”

Looks like there’s another little lady in Bruce’s life!

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