Your Monthly Work Horoscope for September 2022

Your Monthly Work Horoscope for September 2022. Discover your Monthly Work Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


September could prove to be a great time for discussing existing contracts and agreements. This month can push you to realize that you’re a leader, Aries, the one who gets everything done. 

There are some big professional shifts coming that could be amazing for you once Venus enters Virgo on September 4. You might notice that you aren’t being paid as much as you deserve, or that your compensation isn’t on par with that of your colleagues. 

The full harvest moon on the tenth is a good time to have a conversation with your boss about your financial well-being and responsibilities at work. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You might be able to get a better deal, so don’t be shy about making your needs known. If anything, the pay imbalance could be an oversight that’s quickly remedied. Mercury’s backward journey, which flows through Libra to Virgo this month, allows you to negotiate terms that can benefit you well into the future.


You’re not one to settle for the bare minimum, Taurus. That means you have high standards when it comes to the work you put into the world. 

This month brings some mixed energies your way. You’ll be focused on practical and creative ways to bring your vision to life, and the entry of Venus into Virgo on September 4 activates your creative energy. 

However, you might feel as though others aren’t giving you enough credit and respect for your efforts. This could affect your professional relationships, especially when the full moon dives deep into Pisces on the tenth. It might take you a few days to muster the words to let your feelings be known, but the harvest full moon can help you figure out how to move forward with your vision. 

If you assess the path you want to take, you can feel as though your career has some speed once the sun moves into Libra on September 22. This can help you move into a new season on a professional high and with a whole different list of goals and demands. Most importantly, the pressure that you put on yourself can ease, which means you can focus more on your creativity and talents than on your fears.


For you, Gemini, September creates a lot of ambiguity in the work sector. You are evolving and growing on a personal level, which is why your professional aspirations are changing. However, you might not be able to make any major changes or move forward at this time. You could be feeling lazier than ever. Enjoying a creative outlet will help you find yourself, especially once Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on September 9.

The full moon on the tenth could inspire you to discuss your dreams and visions and even give you the drive to manifest your new professional aspirations. The future will seem limitless and awaken your heart to the goals you had in your youth. 

Nearly two weeks later, the sun shifts into Libra at the fall equinox. The only foreseeable issue is Mercury retrograde reenters Virgo on September 23, putting a damper on your goals. Use this time to finalize and assess your hopes. As you plan for the future, note that there will be a lot of changes along the way. As long as you keep an open mind and heart, you’ll be able to create the professional vision you desire.


Mercury moving retrograde as of September 9 could send your world into a tailspin. There are a lot of projects, situations and moving pieces to take care of at the office, and all of them need your attention now. 

However, the full moon on the tenth could make it a little challenging for you to devote all your energy to these matters. Just try to do your best to catch up on your professional responsibilities. There will be a lot of situations that need your input, which makes it important to prioritize. While you might be tempted to take time off and relax in the days before the full moon, it would be best to work straight through that time. 

The good news is that when the sun shifts into Libra on September 22, it’s a great time to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. This will allow you to replenish your energy and create a healthier work/life balance.


Your work life has been complicated for the past few months, and September doesn’t offer you any reprieve from the constant ordeal that is your professional world. However, it does give you a chance to ask for more money for your efforts. And this is open to some negotiation. You shouldn’t feel bad about demanding what you think you’re worth. While you might not receive the amount you ask for, you should be happy with the amount your employer offers. 

The full harvest moon on September 10 and the sun’s move into Libra on September 22 offer you a time to rethink the direction of your career. Consider putting your professional energies into something that you really enjoy. You might find that a hobby has the potential to be a great source of income and bring you professional success in the future. This is the time to commit to what you love.

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Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on September 9, offering you a chance to seek the financial support and money you deserve for all the hard work you do. 

The full harvest moon on the tenth gives you the courage and motivation to speak up for your needs. You won’t get the cash you want unless you take matters into your own hands and let your needs be known. The only foreseeable issue is that you might be unsure about how to express yourself to your employer. Think of this as your time to tip the scales in your favor. You have to assert yourself to get the ball rolling. 

Just make sure that the offer is put in writing and the terms are favorable to you before Mercury backs into your sign on September 23. Doing this will save you some headaches, confusion or issues with payments and terms.


This month can allow you to take a step toward your future. For those going through some financial difficulties, you could see a positive karmic flow when Venus enters Virgo on September 4. 

Settling legal issues and other difficult situations can be very fruitful, especially financially, when Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on the ninth. Mercury retrograde moving through your sign can help you begin to release fear through your ego and desires.

This month could be a game-changing period for you. A tender full harvest moon in watery Pisces on September 10 releases pain and allows you to take steps forward in your career. Your solar return on the twenty-second could bring helpful prospects for your bank account as well. Investments can take a healthy step in the right direction. 

Mercury reenters Virgo on September 23, allowing you to let go of past professional drama and let bygones be bygones. It’s important to honor your truest self, your passions and your needs. Appreciate your intuitive guidance while working through work challenges during the new moon on the twenty-fifth.



There is strong Pisces and Neptune energy in the air during the full harvest moon on September 10. It could be easy to lose sight of reality or what’s important on a professional level. 

You might be drawn in one of two directions this month. There is the opportunity to engage with whimsical and romantic notions. Or you might feel out of touch or frustrated by the current state of the world. Remember to stay present and in your body. Look for simple pleasures, and allow yourself to relax a bit if you feel your stress level rise. It could prove to be a very healing time. 

Also it’s a great chance to ask your boss for some time off. Chances are they’ll grant you some time away from work because you’ve been working hard. You can use this time to make plans about the direction you’d like to go. If you feel like completely vegging out and doing nothing, do that. Activate the autoresponder on your work email, turn off your phone for a while and really commit to recharging your energy. You’ll then be able to make decisions about what you want to do in the future.


If you’re looking for a new job, the full harvest moon on September 10 is a great time to connect with old colleagues. Mercury’s backward spin in Libra pushes you to update your online employment profile and contact past coworkers and networking connections about future possibilities. You might find that the ideal job is just a click away. Just don’t set your expectations too high or you could pass up jobs that are perfect for you. Keep an open mind. Don’t be too stubborn or rigid in your desires and you could find an amazing gig.

The new moon in Libra on the twenty-fifth gives you a chance to create a new vibe for yourself at work. It’s also a great time to learn more about your boss or employer. You might find that by creating good rapport you’re able improve your prospects. It’s also wise to be clear about the professional vision you want to bring to life. There will be a lot of options on the table for you to pursue, but you need to be open to negotiation.


The upcoming month offers you a time to start getting clear about where you want to put your energy going forward. The harvest full moon in Pisces on September 10 brings a reflective moment for you to decide on the steps you want to take toward your professional vision.

Venus is in Virgo as of the fourth, which is a great time to realign yourself with the dreams you held in your heart years ago. Check in with yourself and see if you’re still on the right path. If you feel like your intentions have veered off course, decide if it was the right one for you to begin with. The direction of your career might change as a result, which is fine. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Everything is open to change and compromise now. 

Once Mercury is retrograde as of September 9, you’ll see that a lot of situations and projects take on a different tone. Also, the focus of your career could shift to something you once thought impossible. Perhaps an old opportunity or job makes its way back to you or your goals change. This is a great time to chart the path you want to take.


This month is a great time to manifest money to boost your bank account and even procure a promotion at work. The full harvest moon on September 10 brings you a chance to enumerate your amazing qualities and abilities to your employer. You might want to send a short email telling your boss why you should be considered for a new position that’s opening up or why you want to level up at work.

You have an amazing opportunity to impress your boss with your skills. You could find that your employer is looking at you to fill a job you’d hoped for. The full moon brings you this energy, giving you a chance to embrace your power. 

But first you have to create a strategy that works best for you. Once you begin negotiating the contract, the terms could be subject to change due to Mercury’s retrograde. Keep an open mind about how you handle this situation. It might be a good idea to call on a former colleague, adviser or acquaintance who’s familiar with such matters. They’ll be able to help you negotiate terms that will make you happy for years to come.


The full moon on September 10 urges you to get your contracts and relationships in order. It’s been a long time since you checked in with a lot of the people you work for and with. This is a good time to make sure that your goals for the upcoming season are on the same page and your contracts are in order for the next few months. It can also be a good time to reevaluate an existing agreement with your employer. 

All this means there are a lot of negotiations that need to take place, and the full moon is the key to making these changes happen. Use this time to your advantage. The full moon can bring a financial boost or promotion, which can change your life for the better. It’s an amazing new beginning for you professionally, so step up. All eyes will be on you, so project a positive image and reach for what you desire.

The sun entering Libra on September 22 is a powerful and potent time for you. Everything that you’ve desired in the professional landscape can come your way. If it doesn’t, it’s time to update your goals and plans for the next few months. With a little effort and magic, anything is possible.

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