Your Monthly Work Horoscope for July 2022

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Your Monthly Work Horoscope for July 2022. Discover your Monthly Work Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


July is the perfect month for you to ask for a raise. Although you might be unsure about whether your boss and the higher-ups will approve your request, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the cosmos has your back. The best time to get the ball rolling in this matter is when Mars, the planet of action, enters Taurus on July 4. The most auspicious follow-up date is when Uranus aligns with the transiting North Node of Destiny on the thirty-first.

The full moon on July 13 could dampen your plans if your boss isn’t prepared to hand over the cash at the moment. However, if you want to take a leap of faith, you can start looking for other opportunities at different companies. It will let your boss know that you’re serious about a raise or promotion. Odds are they’ll give in at the end of the month.

However, that doesn’t mean you won't freak out about whether you made the right decision. Even if you play the game and gamble it all, you can win big. Now isn’t the time to hold your cards close to the chest. Taking a stand to get what you want requires taking a risk.


The month starts with you discussing ways to elevate your career when Mercury enters Cancer on July 4. And the good professional vibes don’t stop there!

On the thirteenth, the Capricorn full moon elevates your financial well-being. The lunar energy of this extremely auspicious transit lasts until the end of the month, allows you to take major professional risks that can work in your favor. It’s a wonderful time to network and connect with former colleagues.

If you’re thinking about asking for a raise, you should go for it. You’ll be surprised by how much you can achieve. Abundance is at your doorstep, and you won’t have to do much to realize your professional desires. They’ll float your way when Uranus aligns with the North Node of Destiny on July 31, practically making advancement fated.

The nodal axis (which also activated the 2022 eclipses) will shake up your chart as it urges you to move on toward a new professional venture. Try to be careful about your decisions as you move forward, because it could slow down your plans if you’re not.

An old endeavor that never came to fruition could come your way again when the sun and North Node connect with Uranus to instigate change at the end of the month.


The month starts with a crash course in financial planning. It isn’t that you’re going broke, but you need to get your money in order, mostly because you crave security. Mercury entering Cancer on July 4 gives you an opportunity to start paying off college loans or credit card debt. The good news is that this transit can also bring a raise your way.

However, Mercury enters Leo on the nineteenth, which could force you to change your financial situation. It might have taken an unexpected hit resulting from the eclipses in April and May. This transit isn’t unlucky, so you can recoup your money and then some when the sun enters Leo on July 22.

Watch out for any unsavory business plans or investments that come your way at the new moon in Leo on the twenty-eighth, because they could result in scandal. You don’t want to get involved in a fishy situation regarding your money or career. The offer might be hard to resist, but you should refuse it no matter how much is promised. Just because it looks good on paper doesn’t mean it is in reality. Don’t ignore the details of any contract or financial matter.


Mercury and Venus enter your sign on July 4 and July 17, respectively, giving you a chance to address issues you’ve overlooked in contracts and draft new agreements with your business associates. This will be important concerning the direction you choose to take in handling business matters.

This combination of planetary influences could make you wonder whether you want to merge finances and ally with another. You could be questioning their dedication to the project. If you have to spend more time than expected dealing with matters and taking the burden on yourself, it might not be the best venture or partnership for you.

The new moon in Leo on the twenty-eighth can give you some of the insight and clarity you need in order to decide what move to make regarding your endeavors. This allows you to take back your power and stand strong knowing that you’ve made the best decision for your career, financial security and future.


This month highlights your interpersonal relationships with coworkers and colleagues.

On July 4, Mars moves to the career sector of your chart, allowing you to see the true intentions of those you align with at work. You could find that someone doesn’t have your best interests at heart or is planning to take credit for your work.

That same day, Mercury wanders into Cancer, giving you the authority to demand that coworkers be transparent about their projects. If you work in the same group, you should know the details of their involvement. You might not find anything scandalous at first, but if you look deeper, it could be obvious that you aren’t getting the credit you deserve. All will be exposed during the full moon on the thirteenth. It’s nothing more than plain, old jealousy. They don’t want you to have more praise and acclaim, so they’re taking credit for your insights and ideas.

There is a silver lining, however. Mercury and the sun dash into your sign on July 19 and July 22, respectively, so you’ll be able to see who you can trust. The dishonest actions of others will be brought into the light.

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July brings a lot of creativity to your professional realm.

Mercury enters Cancer on July 4 and Leo on July 19, increasing your talent and creativity. You feel confident about using them in your professional life on any projects you have underway.

On the fifth, there’s an opportunity for you to align with someone to start a small business around one of your creative projects. This could be a good side hustle for you to pursue if it doesn’t apply to your career goals.

July 4 is also a wonderful time to connect with a colleague on a professional project as long as you’re sure they’re qualified for the assignment (you don’t want to be stuck doing all the work).

The full moon on the thirteenth is a good time for you and your coworker to bring the endeavor to the team and discuss its future direction with upper management. You’ll be happy with the way the work flows, allowing you to set goals for the coming months. You can take the lead once the sun moves into Leo on July 22.


There are a lot of big business decisions for you to make at the end of this month. This year, your evolution in general has been almost otherworldly at times. There is a sense of déjà vu about your career opportunities as the full moon on July 13 forces you to overcome professional issues and move into another, possibly unexpected, direction.

On the seventeenth, you might even feel like you’re more linked than ever to your coworkers when Venus highlights the sector of connections in your chart. You’re able to collaborate with your colleagues and work on projects as a team.

However, the sun’s move into Leo on July 22 might make you prefer to work alone and not with your colleagues. Instead of avoiding them, be direct about the fact that you want to focus on yourself.

You might want to rethink your relationship with your coworkers and start working on new material or projects when Uranus and the North Node align on the thirty-first. Basically, July could be a roller coaster for your work partnerships. But you’ll get it done even if there are a few minor yet annoying speed bumps along the way.


This month isn’t about taking action. It’s about focusing on planting seeds for the future and watching them grow over the next 30 days. However, you might not be willing or patient enough to watch the fruits of your labors grow over time.

The full moon on July 13, followed by Mercury’s move into Leo a week later, allows you to discuss your ideas. It’s time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and draft the vision you have for your future. Be sure to be as specific as possible. This will be an important foundation for your work.

Venus glides into Cancer on the seventeenth, giving you the creative inspiration and motivation to discuss your career goals.

When the sun slips into Leo on July 22, followed a week later by Jupiter’s moonwalk, you can begin to set your intentions for your career journey ahead.

The new moon on the twenty-eighth offers some insight into how to turn your dreams and goals into reality. Now that you’ve drafted your ideas, it’s time to manifest them, or at least begin to do the work to make sure they become something tangible.


This month, there could be some ups and downs concerning the amount of money you receive. Although the full moon on July 13 could bring you some extra cash, the effect of this lunation doesn’t last long.

Your financial situation’s erratic nature could be a concern when Venus enters Cancer on the seventeenth. The highs and lows of your bank account could cause some issues, but try not to get too caught up in the drama.

You might ask your boss for a raise. Chances are they’ll be open to having a conversation about it when the sun moves into Leo on July 22. There’s a positive twist that occurs later in the month, so be open to all opportunities that come your way.

The alignment of Uranus and the North Node on the thirty-first could add some stress to the issue of your personal finances. But you might be surprised by what the cosmos brings to you, including some new and inventive ways to better understand your money. Even if it takes some time, you’ll be able to resolve any long-standing financial issues and find a way to increase your income.


What you like best is winning, and this is a good time for it, especially early in the month. Your competitive nature is out in full force, and you can come out ahead. Your leadership skills can come in handy now as long as you use them in service to others and don’t step on anyone’s toes in your scramble to the top.

However, the first couple weeks could still see some of that residual irritability that’s been haunting you, and it might be heightened by the full moon on July 13. The slightest thing could have you on edge, but this time isn’t all bad for you if you’ve been recuperating.

Later, your charisma and charm could be at an all-time high, especially during the Leo new moon on the twenty-eighth.

You’ll start to feel your energy (and open-mindedness) come back in the final days of the month after the sun enters Leo on July 22 and Uranus aligns with the North Node of Destiny in Taurus on July 31. Your financial worries are coming to an end for the time being, and your confidence is beginning to increase. You can reach for the stars.


You’re focused on planning at the beginning of the month. Your subconscious is active until the full moon on July 13, so this is the time to bring your visions to life. Listen to the messages you receive in your dreams.

You might find that others, particularly those you work with, give you a hard time due to your sensitive nature (something new that you’ve been dealing with lately). You might not feel very grounded at this time, which is why it’s important to be as practical and realistic as you can be even if it’s difficult. Note your professional aspirations in a journal to make sure you stay on track and focused on your career goals.

The sun’s shift into Leo on the twenty-second can help balance out alliances and give you a chance to discuss your plans with others. The solar energy gives you the strength and passion to succeed by adding some tenacity to your vibe.

The North Node and Uranus connect in Taurus on July 31, which can bring your career aspirations back down to earth and give you a chance to manifest your desires. You can achieve anything you want now.


For the first time in a very long time, you’re beginning to see that it takes more than one person to run a business. In fact, it takes a proverbial village. This month enables you to understand that you are not alone even if you often think you’re the only one running the show.

The full moon on July 13 allows you to work cooperatively (that means sharing your toys, which, as you know, isn’t something you do easily). This also requires you to leave your pride at the door and ask for help. You often refuse to ask for assistance even when you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask now.

When Venus moves into Cancer and aspects your sign on the seventeenth, it gives you the confidence to speak up. The sentiment is exacerbated by the sun’s move into Leo on July 22. You could find that others are willing to drop everything and put your needs first, especially since they respect you. All your hesitation about asking for help, guidance or support will vanish. As your heart expands, you can see that even your competitors are your friends, not your enemies.

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