Mom's tweet begging for simple change to girls' pants prompts chorus of 'yes'

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Photo: Getty Images

When Heather Kaczynski’s 3-year-old daughter finished playing with her toys, she wanted to take some of them with her on to her next adventure. She was in for a big disappointment: Her clothes, although cute, had no pockets. Kaczynski shared her daughter’s feelings on Twitter, and the chorus of approval went viral.

Kaczynski, who is a writertells Yahoo Lifestyle her daughter is “just now getting to where she cares about her clothing at all, and her two requirements are: pink and pockets. Preferably a twirl skirt.” And although her mother searches hard to match her daughter’s taste with her practical needs, she confesses: “Sometimes I buy pants for her thinking they have pockets, only to realize they’re fake. Try explaining the reasoning for fake pockets to a preschooler.”

The sentiment is all too familiar. Chances are you or female friends have shared their excitement on discovering that a dress, or a pair of shorts or pants, has real pockets, not just the fake silhouette of one, but real pockets.

Commenters are sharing their frustration with Kaczynski.

Historically, fashion designers opted not to give women pockets in their garments to increase the sale of purses. The fewer items women could carry, the higher the chance that they would invest in purses. As noted in an article in Racked, many designers create garments for men with utility in mind, while women’s are designed for appearance. “It’s not a giant leap to see how pockets, or the lack thereof, reinforce sexist ideas of gender. Men are busy doing things; women are busy being looked at. Who needs pockets?” writes Chelsea G. Summers

But as the example of Kaczynski’s little girl demonstrates, the need for pockets is unisex. If not, stuffing rocks and Power Rangers down her shirts will have to do for now.

That’s just how she walks around now,” says Kaczynski. “Either she zips up her stuffed animals in her jacket or puts it down her shirt. I can’t really say anything because I don’t have an alternate solution unless I want to carry all her stuff around for her.”

The people have spoken. 

There is hope out there. Many commenters shared their favorite brands for little girls that remedy this situation.

Some parents have even shared their DIY secrets.

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