Mom's all-too-relatable rant about school drop-off goes viral

Maggie Parker
Parents are expressing their frustration with school drop-off on Facebook, and their complaints are all too common. (Photo: Getty Images)
Parents are expressing their frustration with school drop-off on Facebook, and their complaints are all too common. (Photo: Getty Images)

With the beginning of a school year comes an inundation of annoyances that parents were blissfully free of over the summer, from sleepy kids to forgotten lunches to the dreaded slow-roll drop-off line. One mother got so frustrated when dropping off her children at school recently that she took to Facebook to outline drop-off etiquette. And her relatable post went viral.

Stephanie Blakely Calabrace’s Facebook post was an exaggerated explanation of who doesn’t belong in the school drop-off line — to prove a point about how swift the process should be. The hilarious post has over 10K shares since she first took to the social media platform to air her grievances on Aug. 8.

I’m only going to say this once. If you have to bathe and dress your kid, comb their hair, scramble them an egg and…

Posted by Stephanie Blakely Calabrace on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

“It was inspired by this goober who always exited her car IN THE CAR LINE to retrieve her 12-year-old, typically getting the child’s backpack from the trunk and placing it on his arms,” the Franklin, Tenn., mother told Yahoo Lifestyle. Blakeley Calabrace originally kept the post private but made the decision to make it public at the request of a friend. “And the next thing you know, it accidentally went viral.”

The post has more than a thousand comments, mostly from parents relating to Blakely Calabrace’s frustration. “Most people found it funny and lighthearted, which was how I intended it.”

“Oh my goodness this is the best! Like someone read my mind while I’m on morning duty!” a commenter wrote. Another parent commiserated, “Yes yes and yes when Anna wants to give me a hug and tell her brother bye n dick around I always get a little nervous like OMG get outta here already u should of already done that !! Tuck n roll is exactly right go go go lol.” Someone else wrote, “My youngest is 34 but I remember the celebration when she got her license. NO MORE CAR LINE!!!! Good luck suckers! lol. This post is hilarious!”

Not everyone got Blakely Calabrace’s humor, however. “A few were offended and accused me of being impatient, intolerant, and targeting kids with special needs,” she said.

“I hope you aren’t letting your kids exit until you put your car in PARK. The parents can kindly wait while my kid exits my car,” one parent commented on the post. “This is hilarious but unfortunately sometimes since my son with ASD all of a sudden has something to say and if I rush him he will be having a terrible day and end up being sent home!” another said.

So, the mother of three made the post private again until Wednesday night, when she noticed a very similarly worded post going viral, but it was attributed to another Facebook user. David Danielewicz from Indian Trail, N.C., posted Blakely Calabrace’s rant word for word in a community Facebook group on Aug. 27. His post got enough attention that it made local news, and Blakely Calabrace noticed it. “I changed the privacy setting back to public after the Daniel guy plagiarized me,” she said.

She told Yahoo Lifestyle that she does not know Danielewicz. He has since publicly acknowledged that these were not his words.

But the fact that he posted her quote just proves how common her complaint truly is.

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