Moment Wildlife Photographer Earns the Trust of Fox Babies Is Truly Magical

Wildlife photographers spend so much time waiting for the perfect moment. Photographers often spend hours or even days in the field, observing and waiting for the right opportunity to capture unique behaviors or interactions.

Even then, photographers may never have the animals they are taking photos of get as close as they'd like them to. TikTok user and photographer @Myinnerwild posted a video that proves that patience really pays off.

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We just love how you can feel the excitement in his video description, where he posts, "I want to say - I’ve seen videos like this before and have had questions as to whether this is possible without baiting the animals... I can now confirm that if you just keep waiting + waiting it is indeed possible for fox kits to gain enough confidence to walk right by. Incredible moment... it puts a lump in my throat!"

Baiting for animal photography is a controversial practice because it can disrupt the natural behavior of wild animals and the ecological balance of their environment. Instead of baiting, ethical wildlife photographers focus on observing and respecting the animals from a safe and non-intrusive distance. They prioritize conservation and strive to showcase the beauty and authenticity of wildlife without interfering with their natural behaviors. The video creator proves that if you are patient enough, you can get some truly stunning shots.

@Nadia comments, "I admire your ability not to scream "oh my god you're so cute!" directly unto their faces." LOL! @Mybuss adds, "Congrats on your Disney princess promotion."

What an incredible moment for this photographer, and he did it all without interfering with the natural behavior of these beautiful foxes. We are sure this is a moment he will never forget.

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