Moment Tiny Shih-Tzu Spots Deer in the Back Yard Is Just Too Sweet

We're pretty sure he'd love to go play with the deer!

Okay, we aren't being critical here, but Shih-Tzus aren't really big on nature. Sure, they love to go on walks and play outside in the yard, but they're much happier sitting on their owner's lap in a cafe or snuggling up next to them on the sofa watching baking reality competitions. We feel that! These little floofs are never going to pass up an opportunity to just be the little indoor snuggle bubbers they were meant to be - the Shih-Tzu breed was actually bred to be a house companion. 

That's why this video that @MaryJHawk posted on TikTok is just too cute! Little Tito is just relaxing, gazing at the beautiful fall foliage, until he sees something outside and suddenly comes to attention. Watch this adorable video and pinpoint the moment he realizes he's being watched

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AWWWW! Little baby! We love the moment when he actually spots the herd of deer and he looks back as if it say "MOM! MOM! Mom, there are big dogs outside can I go make friends pleeeeeeease?" Now, now little Tito, those deer are roughly six times the size of you. You need to stay inside where it's warm and cozy. Your mom even says you only love walks and hikes when you are being carried like a baby 90% of the time.

Tito was rescued when he was only 6-months-old, and at the current age of 9 years, this little mop still looks like a puppy. Now, now, Tito, you can look at the big boys playing outside, but you stay right here where it's safe and warm and do something else cute so your mom can capture it on video! 

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