Moment Horse Accepts New Owner As 'His Person' Is So Full of Love

Horses, by nature, are prey animals with keen instincts for self-preservation. Building trust with a horse requires time, patience, consistency, and understanding of their behavior and communication. Just like humans, not every horse you meet will be your bestie right away.

Horse lover and owner @Archibaldequine understands this fact and was elated to show the special moment when she knew she had earned the trust of her horse Roy. Watch the following to witness this beautiful moment.

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The video description reads: Just because you buy a horse, look after it, ride it.. doesn't mean you will have that connection! There is something amazing when they finally accept you. @Magicmare comments, "The hard ones …if they bond …bond hard too… He’s a bossy boy that will be more likely to own you than see you as his owner."@Erika adds, "Love how he gently tugged on your pants." @KT asks, "Isn't it amazing to realize they actually like you?" What a beautiful moment for this horse owner! The way he gently nudges her to make sure she is okay is just so full of love!

Of course, every horse is unique, and the time it takes to earn their trust can vary. Some horses may be more naturally inclined to trust humans, while others may require more time, patience and effort. Horses are such intelligent and gentle creatures, and the rewards of a trusting relationship with your horse are immeasurable. Like with any other pet, positive reinforcement training methods, using rewards and praise, can also foster trust and cooperation.

The joy one receives when you realize the animal you have grown to love so dearly actually loves you back is something money just can't buy.

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