Mom won’t go to in-law’s on Christmas Eve because of Santa: ‘I want to keep the magic alive’

A woman doesn’t want to attend her mother-in-law’s Christmas dinner.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. Her in-laws want to have dinner on Christmas Eve and open all the gifts that day. The particular date is a must because her brother-in-law is divorced, and it’s the only day he has his daughter.

However, she promised her 4-year-old daughter that Santa would deliver the gifts overnight on Christmas Eve. That meant she wouldn’t open them until Christmas Day. She thought they would go to her mother-in-law’s on Christmas morning after breakfast.

“My MIL is super pissed we won’t be there on the 24th even though we’ll be there on the 25th,” she explained. “Christmas is really important to me and I really want to keep the magic of it alive for my daughter for as long as possible.”

People didn’t think both were mutually exclusive.

“Do in-law gifts on Christmas Eve and ‘Santa’ gifts Christmas morning,” someone suggested.

“This is dinner with grandparents, has nothing to do with Santa,” another commented.

“I don’t see why you are making it difficult. Open gifts from that side of the family on the 24th and open gifts from Santa on the 25,” another said.

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