Mom’s wholesome lunch platter inspires ‘horrible week of trolling’ on TikTok

A mom was stunned by the backlash she received for a simple children’s food platter.

Emily Christos is a mom of two from Perth, Australia. Her TikTok is all about making simple, appetizing meals to get her kids excited about food.

Christos regularly posts colorful food platters filled with fruits, veggies and snacks for her kids. However, one quick video about an easy after-school platter seemed to inspire venom from others.

Christos told In The Know she experienced a “horrible week of trolling, but some really beautiful moms have come out of their way too.”

“My main purpose for my page is to share fun food ideas with other parents, to connect with other parents and learn from each other,” Christos said. “Usually, when I post, the engagement is great, and everyone shares their ideas with me, which I then implement next time. It’s usually a wonderful and fun space.”

The mother’s goal sounds harmless at worst and helpful at best. That’s why the response to her easy recipe was baffling.

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In the tutorial in question, the mom used a star-shaped cookie cutter to make star cheese cubes. She put the cheese on skewers with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and deli-sliced ham. Christos threw in a side of popcorn and some sliced watermelon.

The quick meal was for her kids to share for lunch. Yet people felt the mom was being over the top and took offense.

“Ridiculous, too much time on your hands,” a person wrote.

“You clearly have too much time on your hands,” another said.

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“Christ. We used to say we were hungry after school, and mum would say have a slice of bread,” someone commented.

“Now this is why mums have no time left for themselves #kidsfirst,” a user argued.

“Too much, won’t eat dinner,” a TikToker replied.

Christos told In The Know that despite the backlash, the meal wasn’t time-consuming at all.

“Funny thing is the platter only has cut watermelon, cucumber and cheese. But the music and owls and skewers obviously give off the illusion it’s more,” she said.

Christos eventually announced to her followers that she would be taking a zero-tolerance policy for responding to negative comments.

“I had a massive amount of support and love from mums, and the negative comments reduced dramatically,” she said.

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