Mom waits until son’s wedding day to reveal childhood gift’s ’embarrassing’ secret: ‘That was a plot twist’

A wedding videographer captured the hilarious moment when a mother of the groom revealed what was lurking inside a decades-old gift from her son.

TikToker Laura (@lovelauravideos) gained 9.9 million views, 2.4 million likes and over 7,000 comments when she uploaded to her account the video, which ends with an unexpected twist.

We’ve seen magical wedding moments go viral before — like this father of the bride who stopped halfway down the aisle to grab his daughter’s stepdad — but Laura’s reception surprise is cracking up TikTokers around the world.

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As captured in Laura’s video, groom Brent was completely taken aback on his wedding day when his mom, Char, stood in front of all his wedding guests with a single rose.

“Brent was so excited to find this rose for his mom. Like, ‘Mom, this is for you. I used all my money and this is for you,'” Char recounts. “I didn’t tell him, until today, what it actually is. Jess, I’d like you to open it.”

Laura’s video then cuts to the bride, Jess, who is smiling but clearly very perplexed.

“He was about 10 when he gave this to Char,” said a man standing beside Char (presumably Brent’s dad).

Char holds the rose out to Jess, who gingerly reaches into the rose — revealing something that turns the groom’s cheeks as red as the petals.

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‘Omg, mum can keep a secret…’

Thousands upon thousands of TikTokers lost it in the comments of Laura’s video.

“Mom be playin’ the long game. She saved it for life’s most important, aka most embarrassing moment,” laughed one user.

“Omg this is the greatest. She definitely waited for the right time to tell him,” another user cracked up.

“Omg mum can keep a secret,” wrote another, a string of laughing emojis in tow.

Other TikTokers shared their own experiences with similarly shocking gifts.

“This is so cute. As a little girl I used to buy fake flowers for my mother, only later I found out this kind is used for graves,” one user remembered.

“Oooh my gosh, I got that rose for teacher’s day. My co-teachers were laughing. Sweet 3rd grade kid doesn’t know,” laughed another.

While kids may not always pick the most appropriate gifts, their presents are always chosen with love, and given in pure innocence — much to the delight of their parents.

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