Mom’s viral Christmas gift idea is saving parents ‘so much cash’ and heartache: ‘I felt like a bad mom’

A mom’s “gentle reminder” for the holiday season is saving parents a ton of money and stress.

TikToker Laurie (@killinitsince86) went viral when she uploaded a video of her baby Lilly and all the items she’d rather play with than her brand new toys.

Now, just like the lonely golden retriever who opened the best gift ever on Christmas morning, this mom is going viral for reminding us what the holiday season is really about.

In her video, captioned, “Babies at Christmas be like…,” Laurie set out to put parents’ worries at ease when it comes to shopping for their little ones.

“Just a gentle reminder with the holidays coming up,” her on-screen text reads as she presents baby Lilly with random items.

Whether it was a boring old hairbrush, a TV remote, a container of wipes, or a clean diaper, Lilly consistently chose the “boring” object over her colorful, noise-making, eye-catching toys.

TikTok parents were relieved by and thankful for the mom’s powerful message, as made evident by the hundreds of comments that came rolling in.

“This may be one of the best TikToks to come across my page as I freak out about Christmas!” one parent wrote. To this, Laurie replied, “Don’t stress, mama!!!”

Another parent shared, “And here I felt like a bad mom for planning to wrap random items like pinecones in Kleenex boxes.” Laurie responded, “Bad mom?! More like the BEST mom! Give the babies what they really want!”

“I love this message! We didn’t have money so we made a [hanging mobile] out of plastic spoons, and it worked as well as the $50 wooden one,” another parent wrote.

“This one video saved me so much cash,” one parent commented.

“I swear, no matter how many times I tell relatives this, they still buy my kids mountains of toys I have no room for. I, in turn, donate to others!” another parent wrote.

“[My daughter’s] favorite toy is an empty water bottle with crinkled mini Reese’s wrappers in it,” laughed one parent.

“My almost 6-month-old tried to crawl the other day — not to his toy that was in front of him, but to my Crocs,” another parent shared.

“I gave the boys I nannied cardboard boxes for Christmas one year. They played with them long past anyone else’s gift,” one TikToker commented.

As the song goes in Laurie’s TikTok — “All I Want for Christmas is You,” by Mariah Carey — it’s not about the presents underneath the Christmas tree.

It’s about the love we share with one another, and that’s something that you can’t purchase from a store.

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