Mom uses old pool noodle to create adorable front porch witch decoration

This TikTok parent shared her hack for making a Halloween witch decoration that’s adorably spooky!

Looking for DIY Halloween decoration ideas that are easy on your wallet and simple to make? TikToker Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon) has you covered. Shannon is a parent who loves sharing fun parenting hacks and activities on TikTok. In a recent video, the creative TikToker shared how she makes a Halloween witch decoration with only a few household items.

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The video begins with Shannon standing in front of her home with her daughter who is wearing a puffy pink dress and a black witch hat. On either side of Shannon’s front door, there are planters full of flowers. “Want to make your front door extra spooky this Halloween?” Shannon asks. “We have a hack for you!”

First, Shannon grabs a pool noodle and cuts it in half with scissors. She places the pool noodle halves inside one of the planters, so that they stick out at an angle.

Then, Shannon takes a pair of black tights and cuts off the legs. She puts the tights onto the pool noodles, then adds a pair of tiny children’s boots to make them look like legs.

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Last but certainly not least, Shannon takes her daughter’s witch hat and places it onto the planter in front of the pool noodle legs, making it look as though a witch has crash-landed headfirst in the planter.

Shannon’s decoration is perfect for parents of young kids, since it’s more cute than scary. While some young kids may be afraid of some of the more intense Halloween decorations out there, Shannon’s witch decoration offers a milder way to get into the spooky spirit.

Viewers couldn’t wait to try out Shannon’s witch decoration hack this Halloween.

“So cute and easy! Love it!” wrote one viewer.

“So cute and genius!” another viewer commented.

“You’re so fun and make things look so easy,” wrote another TikToker.

Store-bought Halloween decorations can be pricey, while DIY Halloween decorations can be time-consuming to make. Shannon’s witch decoration, however, has everything busy parents could wish for: It’s easy on the wallet, quick to make, and best of all, adorable!

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