Mom turns back-to-school shopping into exciting scavenger hunt for her kids

Kids will love this parent’s fun DIY back-to-school scavenger hunt that turns shopping for school supplies into a game!

TikToker Caitlin Wood (@tantrumsandrainbows) is a parent, teacher, and content creator who posts clips of crafts and other educational activities. Recently, Wood shared a video featuring a clever hack for making back-to-school shopping a blast for kids!

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The clip opens with a shot of Wood’s two children holding clipboards with a visual list of school supplies. The list features a grid of thumbnail-sized pictures of each item with its corresponding name typed below.

The kids commence their back-to-school scavenger hunt from the parking lot of a local Target and take off immediately upon entering the doors.

Filming from behind a shopping cart, Wood follows her children as they search for the materials pictured on their lists. She patiently waits while her kids gather each item and place it in the cart before they check it off their lists.

After a montage of Wood’s children gathering an array of notebooks, markers, pencils, and various other items, the video ends triumphantly with a shot of her son holding up his completed shopping list.

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Viewers loved Wood’s back-to-school shopping hack, which she says in the caption helps “let your kids take ownership of their own supplies.”

“Love these visual shopping lists,” one user commented.

“That is so cute. Did you make these lists? I want to do this,” asked one TikToker, to which Wood explained that she created the lists using Google Slides and pictures from Target’s website.

“You should post these on Teachers Pay Teachers for teachers to share with their students,” one viewer recommended in reference to the website where teachers can share their educational materials.

As proven by Wood’s video, there are plenty of ways to make routine tasks fun!

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