Mom transforms Dollar Tree pumpkin buckets into stylish fall vase

Halloween stores like Michael's, Walmart and Dollar Tree sell those plastic jack-o-lantern buckets kids use to go trick-or-treating. a couple of crafty moms figured out a second use for the staple. Allison Ann Hintgen and Steph showed the perfect way to upgrade the pumpkin buckets into stylish decor. Hintgen cut off the handles of three buckets. She then painted the three buckets white and gold. She stacked them up and hot-glued them together. Then Hintgen covered each rim with decorative rope. Finally, she finished off the decoration by placing a bunch of fake flowers in the top bucket in fall colors like red, orange and brown. "Did this last year, will be doing it again," someone commented. Steph used a similar method but instead of white and gold, she used stone spray paint. She glued a block of styrofoam into the bottom of the top bucket. "If my wife sees this I'm doomed," one person joked. "Pretty and spooky," another said