Mom’s toddler saves the day when she accidentally locks herself out

This TikTok mom asked her toddler to unlock the door after she got locked out of the house with hilarious results!

A TikToker who goes by @gesikaaaaaa came up with a creative solution after getting locked out of her house: She enlisted her toddler to climb through a window and unlock the door! In the hilarious video, the mom communicates with her adorably distracted toddler through the window, trying to keep him on task, while the little boy wanders around the house on his own.

The video begins with the mom and her son, Holden, standing outside their house. “Alright son, we gave Dada our house keys and we’re locked out of the house,” the mom says to her son. “Thankfully, Mama didn’t lock this window, so get inside!”

She helps him climb through the window. Once inside, Holden begins to wander aimlessly. “Grab a chair,” the mom instructs. “Take it to the door.”

Holden begins to obey, walking towards a chair and pulling it out from a table. But then, he gets distracted and climbs up onto the chair. He finds a bowl of food and picks it up. “No, baby!” the mom exclaims. “Leave the bowl. I need you to focus!”

Holden gets off of the chair and begins to drag it towards the door. But then, something more important catches his eye: He sees a rock! The toddler picks the rock up from the floor and brings it back to his mom. “Okay, thank you,” the patient mom says, before sending Holden back to the chair.

Again, Holden begins to drag the chair towards the door, but gets distracted. This time, he finds a metal rod lying on the floor. He picks it up and begins to sing into it, pretending it’s a microphone. “Oh my god,” the mom groans, beginning to lose hope.

But, finally, Holden snaps into focus! He pushes the chair all the way to the door and turns the lock. “Oh! Did you get it?” the mom exclaims hopefully, running around the side of the house to the door.

As the video ends, the mom opens the door to find Holden waiting on the other side for her. “You’re amazing!” she says.

Viewers were cracking up at the hilarious toddler.

“The amount of times he got distracted,” one viewer wrote.

“This is the singlehanded most Baby Groot thing I’ve seen,” joked another viewer.

“So much patience as a mom and well done!” applauded another TikToker.

Holden might have gotten slightly distracted from his task, but in the end his mission was successful!

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