This curvy mom is still taking sexy selfies for money, and she's making $12K a month

Mom takes sexy selfies for money and she loves it. (Photo: Socalsummers/Instagram)
Mom takes sexy selfies for money and she loves it. (Photo: Socalsummers/Instagram)

Yahoo Lifestyle first profiled Summers VonHesse July 2017. The mother of two opened up about her life and her job of selling sexy selfies to strangers on the internet in exchange for cash. VonHesse is married to a military veteran. He is her biggest fan and even helps her with the creative process of her craft.

We caught up with the 30-year-old to see how her life has changed since the article, which helped skyrocket her Instagram following from 110,000 to nearly 190,000. It also helped bump up her monthly income from $5,000 to $12,000 per month.

The extra income has changed her life.

A post shared by Summers VonHesse (@socalsummers) on Dec 26, 2017 at 6:07pm PST

A post shared by Summers VonHesse (@socalsummers) on Dec 31, 2017 at 9:34am PST

“This feels like a fairytale. We are not living paycheck to paycheck. We had spent many years just scraping by,” VonHesse tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It’s allowed some dreaming. For the first time in my life, I have bought a new pair of shoes without feeling guilty or spending an hour looking for the best deal.”

However, for the Nebraska native, money isn’t everything. She knows that she was happy before the money and will continue to be happy if it all goes away.

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“If it were all to disappear tomorrow I would be fine. I would be sad because ultimately I plan on doing some good in the world with it, but there are many ways to do good. Being a positive force is not reliant on how much money you have.”

Some of the good she plans on doing is setting up and saving for a horse sanctuary. Since July, she has been setting the foundation and adopted her first mustang. VonHesse plans on adopting a second horse in February.

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Major changes have happened in VonHesse’s life. Her two small children are now going to school. Also, she and her husband of seven years have decided to have an open marriage.

“We decided to go public with our decision to try out an open relationship,” she confesses. “So far it has been awesome. It’s strange living your life online.”

One thing has remained the same, she is still not in touch with her family and does not know if they are aware of her job. But her in-laws do.

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“My in-laws have zero use for me after finding out though, and I don’t really care. My husband has my back 100 percent on this; it’s sad they are such judgmental people.”

Also, VonHesse is now transitioning to a new online platform to sell her selfies.

Her old site, Patreon, demanded that she and other users adhere to new guidelines regarding adult content. She says Patreon gave her and her followers a way to make a real connection, and her new privately owned site will do the same.

“There are literally thousands of other websites that very happily host adult content that I could earn more money on. That was not what was important to me. Having my followers involved in my life and my goals is so special,” she says. “People crave that connection, it is why I have been so successful. There is a large section of society, especially men, that are in need of something real. I was able to provide that on Patreon. If they just wanted porn, well PornHub is very free and endlessly stocked.”

A post shared by Summers VonHesse (@socalsummers) on Dec 3, 2017 at 7:44am PST

She will now be connecting with her followers, and her content will be available on It operates as a membership site, just like Patreon did. The more you pay, the more you get to see of VonHesse.

Despite being an online sensation, VonHesse has been able to maintain a low profile in her real life.

“People are blown away when they find out because I am so ‘normal.’ I wear jeans, an old pair of cowboy boots, and a Stetson most days. You would never guess I earn money by taking my clothes off on camera,” she says. “I think the fact that I cook dinner, wash dishes, you know, all the good wholesome stuff, that throws people for a loop. It is still hard for many folks to wrap their minds around a woman who can bake a loaf of bread from scratch one minute and be doing a striptease on camera the next.”

A post shared by Summers VonHesse (@socalsummers) on Dec 11, 2017 at 8:48am PST

VonHesse has a message her naysayers, who she says she pays no mind to: “What I do may be for you, if it is great. If it isn’t, then it’s not for you — move on.”

She adds: “There are many women that miss feeling sexy. Being a mom and a wife has sucked the life out of them. Giving those women hope and a look at the fact that you can exist as a great mom, a wonderful wife, and a sexy being at the same time is amazing. Those are the people I care about, this is for them.”

Her supportive husband has a more provocative take. He says, “I like to ask people why when they have a negative reaction to my wife or what our choices are. Why is nudity wrong? If sex is OK, then why can we only talk about it in backrooms? Marriages should only be monogamous? Why? How about live and enjoy your life, not base it on 2,000-year-old morals.”

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