Mom can’t figure out why toddler was awarded soccer trophy in hilarious TikTok

This TikTok toddler is hilariously uninterested in playing soccer with the rest of her team!

Connor Moore (@thatdimplebaby) is a mom and TikToker whose toddler daughter, Madsen, is far from a sports fanatic. Madsen loves fashion and playing dress-up with her mom, but couldn’t work up much excitement when her parents had her join a soccer league. In a hilarious video, Connor shared footage of Madsen acting increasingly unenthusiastic about playing soccer over the course of 8 weeks.

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The video begins with a shot of Madsen, after 8 weeks of soccer, being handed a trophy by her coach. A caption reads, “Trying to figure out why my daughter got a trophy.”

Then, the video jumps back in time, showing footage of Madsen throughout the course of the 8 week soccer league. First, Madsen appears standing on the field, wearing a faux-fur leopard print coat over her pink soccer uniform. The toddler walks aimlessly across the field, occasionally patting her coat, as the other soccer players run past, chasing the ball.

In another shot, Madsen finally takes an interest in soccer. However, this time, she has no interest in playing with the rest of the team. While her team plays a game, the toddler can be seen across the park, chasing her own soccer ball.

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Next, Madsen and her teammates are cheering each other on. At first the toddler seems excited, jumping up and down with her team. But then, when her coach instructs everyone to put their hands in the middle of the circle, the toddler loses interest and simply walks away.

The video ends with a shot of Madsen during another game, sitting on the corner of the field picking at grass, while the rest of the team plays.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorably unenthusiastic toddler!

“You’re raising Alexis Rose,” one viewer joked.

“This was me as a kid. Maybe try the arts,” wrote another viewer.

“You have a fashion icon, not a soccer player on your hands,” commented another TikToker.

Madsen might not be an enthusiastic soccer player, but she certainly looked fashionable on the field in her leopard print coat!

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