Mom’s stance on ‘push presents’ sparks controversy on TikTok: ‘The baby is the present’

A mom’s storytime-style video about “push presents” has gone viral on TikTok — and inspired quite a heated debate in the comments section.

Mom and cookie artist Maddie (@gartygoodies) gained over 2.8 million views, 600,000 likes, and nearly 2,500 comments when she shared her opinions on TikTok.

Now, much like the mom who used black rice to motivate her teen daughter to clean her dirty bedroom, Maddie’s video is sparking some strong feedback from viewers around the world.

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In the video, Maddie ices a bouquet of Mother’s Day cookies while recalling her previous feelings on “push presents.”

“I became aware of the concept of a push present when I was pregnant with my firstborn,” she explains. “And basically… your partner gets you a present for having a baby. And I honestly thought this concept was really ridiculous, because the baby is kind of the present, and it seems of all days, this is not the day to be materialistic.”

Maddie goes on to explain that in the baby groups she was in, many moms would let the other members know about the push presents their partners gave to them.

“[I would read them] to my husband, ‘Oh, this woman got a car as a push present,’ and, ‘This woman got a designer purse.’ And we’re just thinking it’s so ridiculous and over-the-top,” she goes on to say.

Maddie then fast-forwards her story to the day she gave birth to her son. “I was in labor for about six hours, and after I had him, the hospital cafeteria was closed, and I was starving. So I asked my husband to go get us some food, and I realize that he was gone for a really long time.”

When he came back, Maddie’s husband had the food with him — but he also had a tiny black box.

“He says, ‘I wasn’t planning on doing this at all. But I got you a push present.’ And inside were two beautiful blue sapphire earrings. And my husband is not a big gift giver or jewelry buyer, so it was so surprising,” Maddie explains. “I absolutely love them and I’ll never make fun of push presents ever again.”

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‘That is exactly the time to be materialistic…’

TikTokers immediately took to the comment section to share their strong opinions on the matter.

“So you judged them for being materialistic until you got one, and then [you] became materialistic?” one user asked.

To this, Maddie replied, “After giving birth, and seeing the gratitude my husband had for me, I understood the significance of a birth present.”

Some people completely agreed with Maddie and expressed their shared dislike of push presents.

“I have two children and I don’t like the idea of a push present. It seems demeaning to me personally,” one user shared.

“Gift-giving is just not my love language at all, so push presents are still a no for me,” another user wrote.

“A push present? This sounds like the most American thing ever. I never heard of it before here in Europe,” commented another user.

Some were open to the idea of push presents, but felt it should be a personal decision among couples.

“Remember that push presents aren’t for everyone. So don’t feel pressured to give/receive it if the person delivering doesn’t want it,” one user wrote.

“Look, I don’t need a present for doing what only I am biologically able to do in MY relationship. But, if my husband sees everything I went through and wanted to treat me, then I would sure appreciate that. But EXPECTING a gift? No ma’am,” commented another user.

Some completely disagreed with Maddie’s stance and expressed strong support for push presents.

“Literally can’t stand the [word] ‘materialistic.’ Gift-giving is some people’s love language,” one user wrote.

“That is exactly the time to be materialistic, lol. You’re doing all the work and in all the pain. They can def do something in return,” commented another user.

“If my partner doesn’t get me a push present, they don’t get another baby until I get a present first,” one user wrote.

Some people liked the concept of push presents, but took issue with the wording of the gesture.

“I think that we should stop calling them ‘push presents’ and call them ‘birthday presents’ or ‘becoming a mother presents,’ really just something else,” one user wrote.

No matter how partners choose to celebrate the birth mother of their children — whether it be with an expensive gift, a sentimental card, or a thoughtful gesture — what really matters is taking the time to appreciate moms for all they go through during pregnancy and delivery, as it is certainly no small feat.

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