This Mom Made A Kiddie Pool Nacho Platter And The Internet Has THOUGHTS

A New York mom is catching a lot of flack for her unique way of serving nachos. Last week, Alicia Dougherty of @doughertydozen on TikTok garnered millions of views when she uploaded a video of herself making what she dubbed a "nacho pool" for her 12 kids.

The TikTok shows Dougherty filling a kiddie pool with several bags of tortilla chips, then topping the chips with ground beef, melted cheese, salsa, shredded cheese, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, and sour cream. The clip then ends with her children surrounding the pool as they dig into the pile of nachos. It has to be seen to be believed:

Criticism for the video has been harsh—a number of commenters considered the potential for wasted food while some thought the idea was just plain "insane." And there were of course several people who were concerned about hygiene.

"The chips at the bottom are just wasted lol," one TikTok user pointed out.

Another person echoed their sentiment, writing "And how much of that did go to waste?"

"At what point do we start to think 'this is insane'? cause I think you are beyond that point," one user added

“This is vile,” another critic commented.

For some, they admitted that anxiety would have gotten in the way of them enjoying the unconventional dish.

"My anxiety could never all of the hands and the double dippin," one user wrote.

On the other hand, there were others who were inspired to dive into their own nacho pool.

"My entire family said we need to try this (that’s 13 people) I’m still not sure, haha! Thanks for the Inspiration," one person wrote.

Would you be willing to take a dip into the nacho pool?

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