Mom shuts down TikToker who criticized her body

Mom shuts down TikToker who criticized her body. This mom had a message for a TikToker who criticized her body, and it deservedly went viral. Janelle Rohner (@janellerohner) is a mom of 2 and a self-proclaimed “keto and low-carb lover”. On her TikTok and her personal food blog she posts all her low-carb recipes and spreads the message that “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle”. Recently, a TikToker commented on one of Janelle’s videos saying, “Does anyone realize she eats insanely healthy and is still not skinny, lol…”. Janelle had a few choice words for said viewer. “I really hate comments like this because didn’t you ever think that maybe it’s not as easy for some people to lose weight as it might be for others?”. “I’ve been working really hard, I’m down 7 pounds and like 6 inches. I’m feeling really good”. Then she says something extremely powerful that not only shuts down her TikTok hater, but is a message that a lot of people might need to hear. “And did you ever think maybe it’s not about the number? Maybe it’s not about weight. Maybe it’s just about feeling good in your own skin". Janelle finished her video off with a final footnote. “And for the record, my husband hasn’t been complaining”. Experts agree that dietary changes should be more about how you feel than how much you weigh. because a number on a scale doesn’t always correlate to one’s overall health