Mom-to-be is shocked when mother-in-law announces her rainbow baby on Facebook: ‘Am I crazy?’


An expectant mom was blown away by her mother-in-law’s premature social media baby announcement, and Reddit parents have strong opinions on the matter.

Posted to the subreddit r/BabyBumps, the post quickly received 337 upvotes and 155 comments — most of which expressed complete shock and outrage.

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Now, much like the wife who was horrified to discover her husband had been making bottles slowly on purpose, this mom-to-be’s story is angering people around the world.

The poster wrote, “My mother in law posted about ‘becoming a grandma’ on Facebook before we got a chance. Her justification was that ‘everyone important’ knew so she thought she could.

“Am I crazy for thinking that she should have waited for our announcement on social media before posting herself? This is our first successful pregnancy, after a miscarriage, and I was really looking forward to being able to announce this news ourselves.”

She went on to add in the comments, “She should have let us have our moment first. It very much felt all about her in the post.”

The poster also went on to clarify that she didn’t feel her mother-in-law was acting with bad intentions. “I don’t think she meant it maliciously at all,” she wrote. “Still very upsetting, but I really believe she just wasn’t thinking. Nuts to me, but she wasn’t trying to be hurtful for sure.”

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‘Extremely, horribly, annoyingly selfish…’

Redditors had very strong opinions on the mother-in-law’s actions.

“There’s nothing worse than that moment being stolen by people who selfishly want to enjoy being the one with the ‘big news.’ You’re not wrong at all, I would have had a fit,” one Redditor replied.

“Yep. I’d be eternally pissed. It IS NOT THEIR NEWS to share. They shouldn’t take that away from the parents. It is extremely, horribly, annoyingly selfish of them,” another Redditor wrote.

“I would make sure she’s the last to know anything from now on. If she gets pissy, remind her that she blew her chance at being a primary recipient of important news,” commented another user.

“My dad did the same thing. Tagged me in it and said I was making his grandchild! Way to make me feel like an incubator and steal all the excitement. Also announced the gender on Facebook before we could post it too. Thankfully didn’t tag me this time. Parents suck! I feel for you!” one Redditor replied.

“My mother in law shared our baby news after years of battling infertility because ‘she was sooooo excited.’ 🙄 She then gaslit me when I called her to say how upset I was, and over 2 years later, I’m still the bad guy,” another Redditor shared.

“Oh lord. I would be SO pissed. I would recommend being super firm upfront about what she can post once baby is born. I imagine her sharing photos that you send to her that you didn’t intend to share,” commented another Reddit user.

The original poster followed up on the thread to write, “Thanks for all of the support! I appreciate everyone sharing their stories, and giving me a virtual hug during this very odd time! I’m overwhelmed by so many of you sharing the EXACT same experience! Makes me feel less alone. Thank you.”

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