Mom shares tricks for preventing sibling jealousy when bringing new baby home

This TikTok mom shared her tricks for preventing sibling jealousy when a new baby arrives and they’re absolutely brilliant!

Chelsea Delgado (@chelseadelgado_) is TikToker and parent who shares relatable parenting content and handy advice. Chelsea, who describes herself as “your new mom BFF,” recently revealed her top 3 tips for introducing your existing children to a new sibling and preventing them from becoming jealous. The genius tips are as adorable as they are brilliant!

“This was the advice we got on how to introduce a new baby to the older sibling to prevent all the jealousy and craziness,” Chelsea says as the video begins. “I swear by this because it worked like a charm. We will be doing this again with our third.”

First, Chelsea reveals that she always refers to the new baby as the older sibling’s baby. She recalls how she would say things like, “Aw are you so excited to meet your baby?” This makes the older sibling feel included and even responsible for their future sibling!

“There was a little less competition and more like, ‘Oh, this is my baby,’” Chelsea explains.

Second, Chelsea recommends giving the older sibling a gift from the baby. To create a bond between siblings, Chelsea gave her son a toy car which she said was from the new baby. “He loves this baby now!” Chelsea explains. “He still remembers that car being from his baby brother, so it totally worked.”

Finally, Chelsea recommends creating a special basket of toys for the older sibling to play with while the mom nurses. “Have a special basket of things they can do while you’re nursing or taking care of the baby and not really having time to spend with them,” Chelsea says. “So we just had a little special nursing basket of toys. That way it was less like, ‘Mom look at me! Why aren’t you paying attention to me?’ And more of, ‘Oh, I get to play with a special toy!”

Viewers applauded Chelsea’s parenting hacks and shared some of their own.

“Thank you for this! I have a 2-year-old and am expecting our 2nd child in December,” wrote one parent

“Let them help as much as possible. My kids loved jobs like getting wipes and diapers,” one viewer recommended.

“Yes! I’m a pre-K teacher. Saying, ‘Your baby’ will make them so proud,” one teacher commented.

Sibling jealousy is natural, but Chelsea’s tips might help alleviate it and even set siblings up for a future friendship!

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