Mom shares things her toddler would rather play with than toys: ‘Drives me nuts’

This TikTok parent shared a hilarious video showing all the household items her toddler daughter would rather play with than her toys!

Danni Harvey (@danniharvey) is a parent who loves sharing funny videos about her daughter on TikTok. In a hilariously relatable video, Danni decided to list 3 of the household items her daughter chooses to play with instead of the many age-appropriate toys her mom has purchased for her!

The video begins with Danni standing in her kitchen, the camera held up close to her face. “Things my daughter would play with rather than all the toys I bought for her,” she announces, sounding aggravated.

In the next shot, Danni reveals the first item that her toddler daughter finds more exciting than her toys. “The light switch,” Danni announces, moving the camera to reveal her toddler standing on her toes to reach the switch. The adorably frustrating toddler reaches out and repeatedly flips the switch, then begins to giggle to herself.

Next up, water bottles! Danni shows her daughter sitting on the floor in pink pajamas, surrounded by plastic water bottles. She babbles to herself and rolls the bottles back and forth on the floor. In the background, a bulk package of water bottles sits on a table, making it seem as though the mischievous toddler has been pulling them out of the pack one by one to play with them.

The final item on the list is the TV remote control. Danni shows her daughter sitting on a coffee table in the family’s living room. The toddler grabs the remote and stares at the buttons, seemingly about to press one. But then, Danni reaches out her hand and the toddler gives the remote control to her mom instead. “Thank you,” Danni says, still sounding frustrated.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Danni’s relatable video and shared some of the household items their kids love to play with.

“My daughter would get in the pantry and play with the canned food. Why?!” wrote one frustrated parent.

“My daughter used to play with dog food cans,” shared another commenter.

“Most relatable video of all time! Drives me nuts. Don’t forget every drawer!” another viewer wrote.

While it can be frustrating when kids choose household objects over toys, it’s also a reminder of the limitless imaginations of children!

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