Mom shares safety tips to keep in mind when shopping for toys

Some parents believe that you can never be too safe, and it’s safe to say that TikToker and parent, Cathy Pedrayes (@cathypedrayes), is one of those people, based on her work as a safety specialist.

Pedrayes has garnered a large online following for her TikTok videos, where she shares safety and security tips that run the gamut from cybersecurity to using a fire extinguisher.

Recently, Pedrayes posted a TikTok featuring a list of safety recommendations when shopping for toys.

Shopping for toys?” Pedrayes’ narration asks over footage of shelves packed with toys. “Here’s what to look out for,” her audio says, introducing her toy shopping safety protocol.

Pedrayes’ first rule on the list is no water beads for little ones or kids who put things in their mouths. For rechargeable toys, she suggests ensuring the battery has a UL certification or something similar as a fire safety precaution.

Moving on, Pedrayes says that any plush toys for little ones should have eyes that are sewn on instead of button eyes, which can be a choking hazard if they come loose.

For her last toy safety tip, Pedrayes says the string attached to pull toys should be less than twelve inches, so they’re less of a strangulation hazard.

TikTokers appreciated Pedrayes’ tips and suggestions, and even added to her warnings.

“And make sure the toys aren’t on the recall list,” one user recommended.

“And avoid button batteries! Or at least make sure the toys battery is EXTREMELY hard to open!” another user suggested.

When it comes to kids’ safety, it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution.

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