Mom shares emotional video for women worried about putting on swimsuits this summer

When it comes to hitting the beach, lake or basically any body of water, some moms are quick to pump the brakes before stepping out in a swimsuit. with so much focus on “bouncing back after baby,” it’s understandable that moms in general might feel self-conscious if they haven’t “lost the baby weight”. One mom on TikTok has an inspiring message for them, reminding fellow moms what really matters most. Shelby Tomalin, a mom of two who goes by @shelbysaywhatblog on TikTok, posted a video of herself wearing a green one-piece swimsuit ... ... while posing the question, “Moms are you worried about how you’ll look in a swimsuit this summer?”. Tomalin’s face turns from serious to a smile as she asks viewers to “Remember this ….”. As the next clip shows Tomalin playing in the sand with her toddler daughter, the lifestyle blogger and champion of body confidence adds, . “What matters most are the memories you make in the swimsuit, not how you look in the swimsuit”. That important reminder, which has more than 10,000 views, hit a lot of TikTok moms in the feels