Mom reveals ‘terrifying’ reason why toddler co-sleeps with her: ‘Mommy, she wants me to follow her’

A woman explained why she co-sleeps with her toddler, and her spooky story is creeping millions of people out on TikTok.

Mom and TikToker @not.cristinayang gained over 4 million views, 680,000 likes and 6,400 comments when she uploaded her chilling bedtime story online.

We’ve seen toddlers go viral in the past for creeping out their parents — like this baby who was caught having a full-blown conversation with the empty air — but @not.cristinayang was so scared, she completely changed her family’s bedtime routine.

Now, much like the mom who accidentally filmed a strange shadow crawling under her toddler’s bed, @not.cristinayang‘s video is giving people goose bumps all around the world.

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In her video, @not.cristinayang explains that she allows her toddler to sleep in their bed every night — not because she enjoys co-sleeping with a thrashing child, but because of a scary statement her daughter made at bedtime.

As @not.cristinayang was putting her little girl to sleep one night, her daughter told her that another woman who “looks just like you, Mommy” comes in after her mother leaves.

“She wants me to follow her inside my closet,” the toddler explained.

This freaked @not.cristinayang out so much that she decided to investigate her daughter’s room and upload the footage in a follow-up video.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

Thousands of TikTokers rushed to @not.cristinayang‘s comment section to share their reactions.

“😩😩 I was just telling my daughter she should sleep in her own room tonight but not anymore,” one scared user wrote.

“Sage her room and if that doesn’t work, maybe get a priest or someone spiritual to remove the spirit,” suggested another user.

“Get her a sleep specialist! I have narcolepsy and have had ‘sleep paralysis demons’ my whole life and for similar reasons other sleep related hallucinations,” one user urged.

Hopefully these are just the imaginative conjurings of a toddler’s active imagination and the family will soon be able to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep once again.

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