Mom reveals how she feels about Marshall’s Hanukkah decor in funny TikTok

Sometimes holiday decor gets you in the festive spirit, and sometimes it just misses the mark.

While Marshalls had plenty of lovely decor to celebrate Hanukkah this year, not everything resonated with everyone. Although the retailer had many decorative hits with TikTok mom Melinda Strauss, the seasonal gnomes left Strauss baffled.

“How I feel about Chanukah decor at Marshall’s with little to no explanation,” the video text read.

Strauss wasn’t being a total hater. In fact, quite the opposite. A blue candle, a towel with menorahs and cats and a throw pillow with a wheel of Hanukkah activities on it all elicited positive reactions from her.

But then there were the blue and white gnomes. Some of the gnomes featured a dreidel, while others were ceramic with “Oy vey” written on them — either way, Strauss “hated” them.

“@Marshalls came through with the Chanukah decor but I can’t wrap my head around these gnomes,” she wrote in the caption. “There’s no such thing as a Chanukah Gnome but someone is clearly trying to make it a thing…”

Strauss also wondered if there was any such thing as “Christmas gnomes” for comparison.

The comments revealed that the gnomes were likely versions of the Nordic “gonks” and are fashionable right now. But not everyone is a fan of the decor trend.

“They’re not gnomes – they’re gonks! Inspired by Nordic holiday imps who protect your home,” someone explained.

“They’re called gonks, and they’re a mix between a gnome and hobgoblin. They’re everywhere in Christmas decorations too!” another added.

“Gnomes for every season has gained steam… and I don’t understand why…” a person said.

“Meanwhile I have gnomes for all the seasons,” a TikToker replied.

“The gnomes are all in the Christmas decor as well and I too am not a fan,” a user shared.

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