Mom refuses to buy teen daughter acrylic nails for Christmas, and husband is upset: ‘She doesn’t need them’

A mom refused to get her daughter acrylics, and now even her husband is upset with her.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. Her 14-year-old asked for a trip to the nail salon as a Christmas gift because she wanted acrylics like her friends at school.

However, the mom objected. Although she could afford the gift, she didn’t think acrylics were worth the hassle.

“I think acrylic nails are a waste of money when press-ons are much cheaper and can look just as good when done properly,” the mom wrote. “I wear press ons pretty regularly, which she knows.”

The mom offered to get her daughter press-ons and take her to a hair appointment instead. But her daughter didn’t like that idea. So the mom told her to pay for the acrylics herself.

“She continued to complain about how she’d be made fun of for having press ons and not the real thing,” the mom said. “My husband says I’m being too harsh.”

Her husband thinks the teen deserves the “status symbol,” while the mom feels it’s a waste of money.

“I said that she’s 14, she doesn’t need a symbol of her status. He pointed out that we could afford a trip to the nail salon. I agreed, but reiterated that it isn’t about the dollar amount, it’s about the worth. My husband grumbled for a bit and now they are both unhappy with me. AITA?” the mom wrote.

The situation divided Redditors, with some siding with the teen and others siding with her mom.

“Why does a 14 year old need Mom’s approval to get acrylic nails as part of her Christmas gift?” someone commented.

“You’re taking it as a personal offense when your daughter is feeling societal pressures but also wants to try something,” a person wrote.

“There’s a difference between her getting acrylics once as a Christmas present and regularly spending the money on it. Going to the salon is a whole experience,” another user wrote.

“She’s 14. You don’t owe her acrylics,” another added.

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