Mom is ‘raging mad’ when she discovers MIL has been dumping bottles of formula: ‘Somebody please calm me down’

A mom was infuriated when she discovered that her mother-in-law had been dumping bottles at the height of the baby formula shortage, and Redditors are fuming right along with her.

Posted to the subreddit r/BeyondTheBump, the post received 115 upvotes and over 100 comments.

Now, much like the story of the woman who was enraged when her mother-in-law announced her rainbow baby on Facebook, this mom’s story is resonating with parents around the world.

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The Reddit user explained in her post, “We’ve had to switch formulas two times in a couple weeks because of some issues my little lady has had with other ones…

“So last night, we spent an hour hunting down Similac Alimentum by calling 30+ stores — anywhere from our town, to two hours away. We decided to try one last milk-based formula, which was almost an hour away… But we only got one can to test it out, and sent it to my daughter’s grandmas with her today.

“Here’s where the issue comes in. I go pick the kids up, get home, baby is hungry. I figured she would be because my MIL refuses to feed her more than 2 ounces at a time (this girl could easily down 5 if you let her!) and I open the formula can and it’s HALF EMPTY.

“Instantly I am raging mad, ask my stepdaughter what the heck happened. My MIL was making bottles then dumping them immediately. WHY. You know there’s a formula shortage, just WHY. What is the point?!

“It’s absolutely stupid and I am so so so mad. Furthermore, why would you feed an almost 2-month-old only 2 ounces twice in the 8 hours you have her?! She told my stepdaughter that she’s pissed at me because I ‘constantly’ switch formula… Somebody please calm me down before I go lose my mind on this woman.”

The mom later clarified a few points in a follow-up comment: “I can’t miss out on work. My fiancé can’t. Daycare is entirely out of reach for us money wise… Also… when my stepdaughter told me about the two ounces thing, she always says that her grandma would go back an hour or so later and give her more. So I didn’t say that she always only gives her two ounces, just that she won’t give her more than two at a time.”

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‘This sounds like an impossible situation…’

Redditors were quick to share their advice with the angry mom.

“This sounds like an impossible situation – I am so sorry you’re in it. Since you don’t have another option for childcare and therefore have to maintain some semblance of a decent relationship with MIL, I’d ask your partner to step in and have a conversation with her. I’d recommend a fact-finding approach. Ask her what happened. Ask her what her reasoning was. Re-share the directions around formula and feeding and ask her if she has any ideas about how to conserve it during the shortage. I would not mention what your stepdaughter shared – kids aren’t super reliable sources of information and you risk putting her on MIL’s bad side,” one user commented.

“Yeah MIL needs to be supervised visits only and ZERO babysitting! Any person who willingly throws out formula because they’re ‘angry you keep switching formulas’ DURING a formula shortage now can get her just reward of ZERO time alone with baby and NEVER gets to feed baby especially when she’s basically staving baby with only 1 oz at a time. She’s a piece of work and I’m sorry she did that,” another user replied.

“Until you can find more appropriate care, only send over prepared formula bottles already mixed with water to go in the fridge, numbered bottles, with clear instructions on 1) feed her all of it even if it takes a while, 2) the exact times to feed her, and instructions not to dump the remainder but stick it back in the fridge so you know what she’s actually eating. Ask for text photos of daughter eating each bottle,” suggested another user.

Hopefully, the original poster can find a way to provide her baby with the child care she needs, while still maintaining peace with her mother-in-law.

For those in need of baby formula, the Human Milk Banking website and the Department of Health and Human Services have lists of resources available for parents.

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