Mom proves all women are married to the same man in hilarious TikTok

Kat Stickler (@katstickler) is a parent and TikToker who shares funny videos about her life with her 6.4 million followers . In one video, the hilarious TikToker showcased her spot-on impersonation of her husband, sharing some of the things he regularly says to her. In the video, Kat wears a Metallica shirt and a backwards baseball cap, and is frequently shown holding a video game controller. Mimicking her husband’s deep voice, she shares several different scenarios from their everyday life together. She pokes fun at her husband’s desire to get credit for taking on diaper duty, saying, “Did you notice the diaper’s clean? [The baby] pooped and I cleaned it. Did you see that?”. In another skit, Kat furiously mashes the buttons on a video game controller, and yells, “Bro, I know we lost all of the last 10 games, but I know this game we’re gonna win!”. Altogether, Kat shares 10 different scenarios, poking fun at everything from the way her husband plays the drums to his tendency to ask her to make him snacks. The video also struck a chord with married viewers, who found Kat’s impression particularly relatable