Mom is praised for huge 'beautiful' blended family with ex-husband

The relationships in this blended family are so complicated, they'll make your head spin. Andressa Tavares Pinto celebrated her large blended family on TikTok. A blended family is when one or both parents have kids from a previous relationship and combine them to form a new family unit. Pinto showed off her big family and described their complex relationships to one another. The video included Pinto, her fiancé and their baby. Pinto's ex-husband and the daughter she had with him stood next to her. Her ex-husband's new girlfriend and her son were also there. Her fiancé's ex-girlfriend stood with the daughter they had together, and her boyfriend and his two daughters, too. Yeah, that's some pretty complicated stuff to keep track of at face value, but for Pinto, it was actually fairly simple. "We are family," she said in the video. The video received 9.6 million views. It's unsurprising that so many could relate to having a family that doesn't fit the typical American "nuclear" mold