Mom’s powerfully raw video is ‘unlocking’ TikTokers’ secret, bottled-up emotions: ‘I didn’t know how much I needed this’

A mom filmed an emotionally vulnerable moment for TikTok, and the powerful footage is giving people around the world permission to let go of their feelings — feelings they might not even realize they’ve been holding inside.

TikToker @amotleybadass69 garnered over 300,000 views, 51,000 likes and 4,500 comments when she uploaded the tearful video to her account.

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In the video, posted without any caption or onscreen text, the mom begins by saying tearfully, “It’s alright. It’s alright, I feel that way too. We’ll feel that way together, OK?”

As the emotions sweep over her, she begins to cry harder, saying between sobs, “Let it out, let it out” — then suddenly she lets out a powerful scream. She pauses, then lets out another.

After taking a few shaky breaths, with tears rolling down her cheeks, the mom continues, “Everybody wants to show their happy side. I’m mad as hell today!”

She lets out another scream, then takes a few more deep breaths. Finally, she ends her video by saying, “But because I have responsibilities, I’m gonna do these friggin’ dishes. It’s gonna be alright.”

Tinashe is calling the shots:

‘I felt that scream in my soul’

Thousands of TikTokers came forward to share their emotional responses to her video.

“You unlocked so much that I’ve been holding back. THANK YOU!!” one user wrote in the comments.

“I thought I was fine, until I saw this, and I felt it in my soul, sitting here crying, but needed this, thank you,” wrote another user.

“I didn’t know how much I needed this,” one comment read.

“Whew I cried instantly, I’m with you 🥹❤️,” another user wrote.

“You gave a lot of people permission to feel their feelings! I love this post,” replied another.

“My freaking bones resonated with this! I should do more of this 😅,” one user commented.

“I didn’t realize that I needed that, till you popped up. Instant tears and I felt that scream in my soul,” commented another.

“That’s probably the realest ish I’ve seen in awhile,” wrote another.

“This was my first video for the day. I literally just sat here and cried with you. We’re all human, we all have so much pain,” another comment read.

Hopefully, anyone who comes in contact with this video finds the emotional release they need — even if they didn’t realize they needed it.

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