This Mom Who Has An OnlyFans Account Was Banned From Volunteering At Her Kids' School Because Of What She Does For A Living

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About a month ago, Victoria Triece — who goes by Victoria Snooks online — was told that she couldn't volunteer at her kids' school because she has an OnlyFans account.

Speaking with BuzzFeed, Victoria said it started after an anonymous email was sent to the school's district administrators that contained photos of her from her OnlyFans page.

Shortly after the email was sent, she was pulled into the principal's office and told that she could no longer volunteer or be around children at the school because of what she does for a living. "It made me feel extremely sad. I love my kids' school and volunteering, so being told that I can no longer do that felt like one of the biggest joys in my life was just ripped away from me," she said.


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Victoria felt that what was happening to her was wrong, so she spoke out about it on her local news station. "I would say that it's nobody's position to judge what anybody does in their private life," she said in an interview with WESH News.

But even after the media attention, the district has stood its ground, reaffirming that Victoria cannot volunteer or be around other children at the school. The only thing they've now allowed her to do is chaperone her two children on field trips — but not anybody else's.

Sadly, what Victoria is experiencing isn't a standalone issue. Moms who work in the adult entertainment industry are being shamed and discriminated against — by society, schools, and other parents — every day.

"My son might find me on PornHub one day. And that's OK because moms have sex. If he finds me, that'll be my response: ‘Moms have sex,'" one mom said in an article for Vice. Countless other moms have also shared the challenges they face in society for their career choice as an adult entertainer.

"The only message I have to people is that what someone does is their own business. Let people live their lives and be happy. We can’t waste our lives by trying to critique everything everyone does," Victoria concluded.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Sand Lake Elementary school who said they do not comment on ongoing litigation.

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