Mom is mortified to discover she's been blasting 'smutty' audiobook from backyard speakers

A mom accidentally blasted her "smutty" audiobook to all of her neighbors, and now, her hilarious story is going viral!. Mom and TikToker Shannon (@diaperbagrag) gained nearly 2 million views and 16,000 comments when she recounted the cringe-worthy experience to her account. In the video, Shannon explains that she was enjoying a house all to herself when her hubby and kids left before her for vacation. Needing to do some chores around the house but still wanting to enjoy her alone time, Shannon decided to play a "smutty" audiobook across the speakers throughout her house. It was a rainy day, so Shannon and her dogs stayed inside all morning, contentedly cleaning and enjoying her naughty tale. Finally, around 3 p.m., when the weather was starting to clear up, Shannon decided to put her pups outside — and that's when she made her horrifying discovery. Playing across her backyard speakers at high volume was her adult book. The embarrassed mom wrapped up her video by calmly announcing that her family had no choice but to move away. TikTokers from around the world jumped into Shannon's comments to share their reactions. "You bought an audiobook for the whole neighborhood! That’s so nice! It’s like a book club!" one user joked