My Mom Made This Cakey Strawberry Cobbler for Easter and Now I’ll Be Making It All Summer Long

Jenna Sims
·1 min read

If your family is like mine, they already have their favorite tried-and-true dessert recipes (this Milk Chocolate Bar Cake is one of ours). When they're on the menu, you know everyone will be ready for dessert before the dinner plates are even cleared. This year for Easter, instead of turning to one of our go-to recipes, my mom decided to try the Cakey Strawberry Cobbler recipe she's had bookmarked since last year when she flipped through her May 2020 issue of Southern Living.

Aside from strawberry Baby Bites from Pastry Art Bake Shoppe in Birmingham, Alabama, I think this recipe is now my new favorite strawberry dessert and I'm hoping it'll make an appearance at many more family cookouts this summer. After just a few bites, my sister and I were both quick to ask questions. "How do you make this?" and "Is it easy to make?" were some of the first things we asked, because we knew it was a dessert that we'd definitely want to make in the future. The cakey layer was delicious yet light and not too sweet, letting the flavor of the strawberries shine.

On your next trip to the farmers' markets or local grocery store, I suggest you grab two quarts of fresh, in-season strawberries to try this Cakey Strawberry Cobbler recipe.