Mom’s list of ‘I thought I would enjoy as a parent that I actually DO NOT’ goes viral on TikTok

Mom’s list of ‘I thought I would enjoy as a parent that I actually DO NOT’ goes viral on TikTok

It’s been said before but I’ll say it again just for emphasis, having kids is both beautiful and chaotic. The amount of times you think to yourself, “what did I get myself into” might be more often than you’d think.

Recently, one mom’s TikTok video has been going viral for all of the hilarious things she lists as things, “I thought I would enjoy as a parent that I actually do not.” Parenting is hands-down the hardest job. And, the reasoning in this parenting TikTok video is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hayley Deroche posts comedic content on TikTok, everything from parenting fails to cultural commentary to commentary on “sad beige” trends. She’s often hilarious and spot-on. This video where she narrates parenting struggles is no different.

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The mom of two starts her list with family dinner. “I thought it would be a lovely bonding experience at the end of the day, jokes on me because it is not.” Now, imagine this scenario she brings up: “Imagine inviting multiple wild mongoose to your dinner table. Ravenous but they are also immediately full because they do not like what has been placed on the table.”

If that’s not enough to conjure up every picky eater struggle at the dinner table then I don’t know what is! I’m often amazed at how hungry a child can be after refusing to eat anything and everything you’ve tried to feed them that day and yet, the next time you’re gathered around the dinner table, they still reject your next proposal. They’re like the world’s toughest CEO who keeps telling you to go back to the drawing board because whatever you’ve come up with is immediately the worst idea ever.

“Also they have no bones,” she continues. “Just flopping right out of those seats.” It’s so considerate of your child to throw a tantrum at home versus throwing a tantrum in public, right? Especially when they morph into a gelatinous organism who won’t let you hold them and they just kinda slip and slide right through your arms. Fun!

She also mentions the fact that “vacations are just trips” after you have children. The only thing you’ll be vacating is your “sanity” because “all of the normal frustrations of parenting will be coming with you.” Doesn’t that make you want to book yourself a solo getaway, mama?

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The mom of two goes on to include hiking, reading aloud and baking. And yes, her comparisons to wild animals is great and so funny and definitely makes this viral parenting TikTok worth the watch. Comments on her video all agree with this mom’s funny frustrations.

“Vacations. It’s just me, keeping my kid alive in an non-baby/kid proofed house for a week. The STRESS is real”

“I spent my entire pregnancy and the 1st year of my son’s life looking forward to spending time in the kitchen together. I hate it so so much.”

“Oh god that first one. Accurate, it’s like wrangling wild animals.”

“I’ve never had a more serious mental breakdown than going on a too-long hike with kids you didn’t realize was too long until it’s too late”

If you want more of this mom’s real and relatable thoughts on parenthood then catch her follow-up vide below.