Mom-to-be is ‘horrified’ when mother-in-law gets her own private baby shower: ‘Very creepy’

A pregnant woman was shocked when she discovered her mother-in-law had her very own baby shower, all without informing or inviting the mom-to-be.

Posted to the subreddit r/BabyBumps, the mom’s story gained over 830 upvotes and 386 comments. It was later crossposted to r/JustNoMIL, where it continued to go viral.

Now, much like the woman who announced her daughter-in-law’s rainbow baby on Facebook without her consent, the Reddit story is upsetting parents around the world.

According to the mom, the grandmother-to-be was showered with an elaborate party, including a cake with the baby’s name on it, a full buffet and a banner that read, “It’s a Boy! Let’s Celebrate, Grandma!”

“I did not know about this shower until it was posted to social media with many photos and people tagged,” the expectant mom explained. “I find it horrifying, but evidently this is a thing now?!”

And while the mother-to-be was not invited, she and her baby did make a kind of appearance at the party — in photographic form.

“They did include a blown-up photo of me and her son standing with her. It was taken at my baby shower where I’m clearly very pregnant,” she explained in a follow-up comment. “Made me feel like I’m a human incubator.”

The poster later added that this sort of thing isn’t abnormal for her mother-in-law, as she tends to make “other people’s lives and accomplishments about her.”

“Grandma showers should NOT be a thing…”

Reddit parents were totally creeped out by the mother-in-law’s party.

“That’s just plain weird. Especially considering the fact that you — the baby’s mom — were not invited,” one user commented.

“This baby is about her. Good luck [original poster], it’s only going to get weirder after the baby is born,” wrote another user.

“I’d be pissed if someone took a photo of me and blew it up for decor … pregnant or not. Grandma showers should NOT be a thing and they are tacky and downright weird. They had their spotlight and celebrations when they had their own children. This just takes away from new parents celebrating becoming parents and the celebration of the child,” shared another user.

“This is very creepy. Sort of feels Handmaid’s Tale-ish. It’d be fine if her friends took her to lunch to celebrate and gave her like a grandma mug or something. But this is bizarre,” wrote another user.

While the poster had never heard of “grandma showers” before, other Reddit parents were familiar with the practice.

“My mom had a party thrown by her work too! I thought it was cute. She got grandma stuff and toys to keep at her house since she had nothing … and this was her first grandbaby,” one user wrote. “I knew about it though … they called me and talked to me about it first.”

“I always see people trying to justify this ‘Grandma shower’ nonsense, but I’m sorry this is creepy and disgusting. Sounds like you’re in for it with this crazy lady,” another user wrote.

Hopefully, if grandparent showers continue to grow in popularity, they’ll at least include the parents-to-be.

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