Mom ‘hasn’t got a clue’ when daughter slips positive pregnancy test into Christmas gift

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There are few moments more emotional than a pregnancy announcement. Letting your loved ones know there’s going to be a new addition to the family is life-changing and exciting for everyone. 

Bethany Howden surprised her mom with the big news last Christmas. Not only was Howden expecting, but the child would be her mother’s first grandbaby. The occasion was nothing short of momentous. 

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“Telling my mom we’re having a baby and she’s going to be a nanny for the first time,” Howden wrote in the caption. “She hasn’t got a clue.” 

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Howden’s mom read a small note attached to a Christmas gift bag. The bag was full of mostly tissue paper and a tiny gift. 

“The note said, ‘I’m sorry your Christmas present is a little early, but guess what, I’m a little late,'” the mom-to-be explained

However, Howden’s mother didn’t quite understand what the message meant — until she unwrapped the gift. It was a small rectangle wrapped in gold paper. Howden’s mother tore into the package, and the minute she did, she gasped and covered her mouth in shock. The grandma-to-be began to tear up. Howden’s sister gave her a big hug. The pregnancy was official. 

The touching video racked up 16.2 million views on TikTok

“Those happy tears are the best,” someone commented

“I’m crying. I can’t wait to have this moment,” another wrote

“It’s an amazing feeling becoming a grandmother!” a person said

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