mom goes viral for sharing a powerful moment on TikTok just hours after giving birth

A mom is going viral for sharing a powerfully raw moment on TikTok just two hours after giving birth, and viewers are in tears. Mom of two, Maddie Castellano (@maddiecastellano), recently garnered over 7.7M views when she posted her beautiful video to TikTok. In the video, Maddie is gently swaying in her hospital room, her tiny newborn in her arms, to the song "So This Is Love," from the Disney movie, "Cinderella". To make the moment more powerful, Maddie is proudly standing in her disposable mesh underwear. This is what truly makes the video so raw and touching. The hospital-provided underwear, used for postpartum vaginal bleeding, isn't exactly known for making new mothers feel beautiful. But, as Maddie wrote in her video's caption, this new mama was feeling the most beautiful she'd ever felt, mesh undies and all!. Whether Maddie intended to or not, her powerful TikTok is helping to normalize the reality of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum challenges... ...and perhaps inspiring new moms everywhere to feel beautiful and strong in their own bodies. TikTokers were quick to share their emotional responses to Maddie's video, leaving over 13K comments. "I’ve never seen something so beautifully raw and absolutely breathtaking at once before," one user wrote. "Motherhood is beautiful and so are YOU!!!" another user commented. Hopefully videos like this will continue to inspire women everywhere to feel beautiful and powerful in the skin they're in