Mom films ‘sign’ for parents to say ‘yes’ more to their kids: ‘Pure joy’

This mom let her daughter dye her hair pink, and the little girl’s adorable reaction is proof that parents should say ‘yes’ more!

Demi Engemann (@demilucymay) is a parent and TikToker who describes herself as the “CEO of cool.” Recently, Demi’s young daughter began begging her to let her dye her hair pink. While Demi initially had reservations, she ultimately gave in to her daughter’s request and let her dye her hair. Then, she shared the video of the process, revealing just how much it meant to her daughter that she said ‘yes.’

The video begins with Demi holding her daughter in her arms. Both mother and daughter are grinning at the camera. “My daughter asked if she could bleach her hair so she could put pink in it,” Demi writes in a caption.

Then, the video cuts to Demi’s daughter sitting in a chair at a hair salon. Behind her, a stylist gets ready to transform the little girl’s hair from a light brown to a bleached blonde.

The stylist starts by brushing product into the girl’s hair, then carefully wraps up the strands. She repeats this process over and over again, pausing only to offer the little girl a piece of candy. Throughout the entire process, Demi’s daughter looks like she’s having a great time.

“She skipped school to come with me to my appointment,” Demi writes. “She was so excited and felt so big.”

At one point, the hair stylist switches to Demi and it becomes clear that mother and daughter are getting their hair done together!

Finally, it’s time to wash the dye out of Demi’s daughter’s hair and see the final result. The little girl leans her head back against the sink as the stylist washes her hair. She seems nervous and excited.

Then, the stylist dries her hair with a blowdryer. As the little girl’s hair dries, the new blonde color becomes more and more visible. She claps her hands excitedly as her new hair is revealed!

“Oh my!” she exclaims, looking at her bright blonde hair.

“Here’s your sign to say ‘yes’ more,” Demi writes in a caption. “Pure joy.”

In a follow-up video, Demi shows the end of the process in which she dyes the little girl’s hair a vibrant bright pink!

Viewers applauded the adorable mother-daughter duo!

“This is precious. She’ll remember this forever,” one viewer wrote.

“Fun girlie day! Love it for y’all,” another viewer commented.

“This is for sure a core memory for her,” commented another TikToker.

Sometimes just saying ‘yes’ to your child can mean so much!

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