Mom shares elaborate cleaning tutorial for hotel rooms: 'I do this all the time, and people judge me'

If you’ve ever been a little grossed out by your hotel room’s hygiene, this cleaning tutorial is for you.

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Niki S. is a cleaning and organizing influencer with 81,000 followers on TikTok. The mom isn’t afraid to get down and dirty to make her space spick-and-span. Even when she’s traveling, Niki is sure to beautify wherever she goes, and that includes hotel rooms. In this clip, she shares all of her hotel cleaning tips.

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“I don’t think housekeeping gets adequate time. Let’s go ahead and give this room a quick 30-minute clean,” she explained.

Niki advised starting with checking the mattress for bedbugs, swapping the sheets and spraying sanitizer in the air. She then tackled the bathroom and scrubbed down any areas that might have “bodily fluids” on them, like around the shower, sink and toilet. The mom also sanitized any frequently touched surfaces, like light switches, the phone, faucets and door handles.

“I do this all the time, and people judge me,” a user wrote. Nicki replied, “I get judged so bad, sis!”

“Wow. Now I never wanna stay in a room unless I have the proper cleaning supplies,” another commented.

“Fill out an application at this point,” a user wrote.

“As a former housekeeper, we got in trouble if we spent more than 15 mins in the room … This warms my heart,” a person said.

“I thought I was weird for doing this! I’m not alone,” someone added.

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