Mom of Famous Dog Who Can 'Speak Like a Human' Opens Up About Their Communication

Bunny has racked up millions of views on TikTok.

If you spend more than a few minutes on the canine side of TikTok, you'll likely run into Bunny. This precious Sheepadoodle girl has gone viral time and time again for using a series of buttons to 'talk' with her family, so we weren't surprised to see her and her mom featured on a well-known talk show. Bunny's mom even shared their Afternoon Focus interview on her TikTok account, @whataboutbunny.

It's so fascinating to hear about the start of Bunny's communication journey and how she's made so much progress! If you want to know exactly how this pup is pulling it off, we suggest giving the interview a watch.

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This makes us want to go back and watch all of Bunny's videos! The ways she uses her buttons to talk to her canine brother and human parents are downright impressive, even if we know she started small, with just one button.

"This is awesome," wrote commenter @feliciavizzbrewer. "You are opening up a whole new world in relationships with our pets! I want to try this!" You're definitely not the only one inspired by Bunny, Otter (her fur brother), and Alexis. Even cat owners are trying out this amazing technique.

Viewer @luvbymax shared, "you inspired me to teach my cat. He's a year old, and he didn't need any training other than the type you did with Bunny. He is so much happier now." That's amazing to hear! We'd feel much happier being able to communicate, too. No wonder more and more pet owners are trying this button technique with their animals!

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