Mom who weighs her 6-year-old daughter daily to track 'puppy fat' gets slammed: 'How ridiculous!'

A British mother is being accused of body-shaming her 6-year-old daughter by submitting her to daily weigh-ins, the U.K.’s Metro newspaper reports.

Nadia Udin appeared on the British talk show This Morning on April 5 to share how she “monitors [the girl’s] puppy fat” by having her step on a scale every day. She also practices portion control during mealtime and encourages exercise.

Though co-host Emma Willis worried that Udin was “drilling into her head that [she] needs to be looking at numbers constantly,” Udin defended the weigh-ins as “fun.”

A psychologist warned that constant weigh-ins could have a negative impact. (Photo: Rick Elkins/Getty Images)
A psychologist warned that constant weigh-ins could have a negative impact. (Photo: Rick Elkins/Getty Images)

“When I jump on the scales, she jumps on and we have a laugh about it,” she said.

She added that taking this measure was a preemptive strike against bullying that left her “in control.”

“She’s going to be more affected by the name-calling, so why not take control of the situation?” she argued.

Udin said that her older daughter, who is now 10, was raised in the same manner and has shown no ill effects.

But Deanne Jade, the psychologist and founder of the National Center for Eating Disorders, who also appeared on the program, disagreed. Jade noted that a “natural” growth spurt could be misinterpreted by Udin as problematic weight gain.

“We know children gain weight at the time of a growth spurt,” she noted. “You might get the wrong information from that, rather than see it as a natural process.

“Nadia, what I can say to you is as much as I appreciate your desperate attempts to save your child from bullying, weighing a child every day is associated with other problems.”

Since the broadcast, viewers have been posting comments slamming Udin’s parenting.

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