New mom faces backlash over ‘selfish’ childbirth announcement: ‘Babies make people crazy’

Emerald Pellot
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A new mom is getting flack from three family members for sharing her child’s birth on Facebook.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. When she gave birth she decided to tell her parents and siblings. Everyone else found out the news through Facebook (FB). But a few of her aunts and uncles felt betrayed that she didn’t personally notify them of the news.

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“When [the] kid was born we only told [our] parents and siblings, we asked them to keep the news to themselves until we were ready to share,” she explained. “My dad’s sister E called my parents a few times over the weekend. They assumed she was looking for an update so rather than lying, they chose to ignore their phones. We decided to announce the birth on FB Sunday morning. We both have big families so we figured this would be the easiest way to let everyone know at the same time. Within minutes, E texted me about how she was so hurt that she had to find out via FB because that’s not how family should find out. She didn’t ask about how the kid or I were doing. “

But E wasn’t the only person who had a bone to pick over the Facebook announcement.

“I also got an email from dad’s brother F about how I was ungrateful for family and had deeply hurt him and his sisters,” the mom wrote. “By telling them through FB I was ‘showing them where [they] stand’ and that I didn’t consider them to be close family. He and E have not spoken to me since. Dad’s other sister B hadn’t spoken to me either. I gave her the benefit of the doubt until I heard she yelled at my dad with similar accusations as E and F. She’s hurt that I haven’t volunteered info/pics of my baby and she blames me for breaking up the family and keeping her from my dad. Didn’t ask how kid or I are doing. Maybe that was selfish, but we honestly didn’t think it would be the end of the world for people to find out more than five seconds after the baby was born.”

“Babies make people crazy for sure,” someone wrote.

“Personally notifying everyone is ridiculous,” another commented.

“They are so entitled and self-absorbed!” a person said.

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