Mom-to-be faces backlash over her ‘inconsiderate’ baby name decision: ‘This is a bad idea’

A 19-year-old can't believe her stepmother wants to give her half-sibling the same name as her. The teenager, Charlotte, shared her frustrations on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. "When Rachel was a young girl, she had a two-year-old sister also called Charlotte who died from an accident," Charlotte explained. "Rachel is currently around 7 months pregnant with a baby girl, and I found out last night that Rachel wants to name her baby Charlotte after her little sister”. “I was pretty shocked to hear this because that would mean my Dad would literally have two daughters called Charlotte”. “I admitted to Rachel and my dad that I was fairly upset by the idea, and it didn't sit right with me”. "Rachel got defensive and said I didn't own the name Charlotte, and while I agree, I still think it's inconsiderate to both me and my future baby sister to make us share the first name," the teen wrote. “So we had a pretty big argument, I admit I wasn't the most level-headed, but neither was Rachel. I think at the end of it, I stormed away and called her crazy, and she called me entitled”. Reddit users thought the teenager was in the right. "This is a bad idea," one user said